Gutlee Sushi

What are the best Asian restaurants in Kennedy Town, you ask? Gutlee Sushi definitely comes close to the top. From the outside, Gutlee sushi is a small, modest Japanese restaurant that looks like a local family-run eatery. However, little do people know that it’s a hidden treasure, serving some of the freshest sea-food you can find in K-Town. The fresh seafood is flown in everyday all the way from the Tottori Prefecture in Japan, and its Jet-Fresh seafoods are listed on a blackboard everyday for your reference. It serves beyond tasty sashimi, snow crab, scallops, grilled eel, pork rib ramen and soba noodles. For all you Japanese foodie lovers out there, remember to reserve their specialty – grilled salmon/hamachi head/jaw – in advance! Gutlee Sushi can be considered pricey compared to other bargain restaurants near by, but you can be sure that their brilliantly fresh seafood is worth every penny. 


Gutlee Sushi, G/F, No.24 Wing Shing Building, Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
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