20 January, 2015
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Guilt-free Chocolate Fondue for Two at DK Cuppa Tea!

20 January, 2015

I’ll do just about anything for a good cup of coffee, hot tea and a zen environment. Luckily, there’s a hidden gem in Soho that provides all three and then some. The quaint DK Cuppa Tea is tucked in the back of DK Aromatherapy, which is filled with incredible aromas from every natural beauty product you need for healthy glowing skin. The connected café is perfect for a laid-back afternoon with the girls, or a cute date with the boyf. Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon girls, we know you need it!


The moment I stepped into DK Cuppa Tea, I felt instantaneously relaxed, with soft tranquil music playing in the background, dim lighting and comfy seating. The floor seating is definitely the way to go (if no one has beat you to it already!), with the candlelight and pillows making you feel oh-so-cosy.


To start off, my dining companion and I ordered our drinks off the extensive menu of soothing, aromatic teas, warm coffees and mochas. I was feeling a bit under-the-weather, so I decided to go with the hazelnut mocha to soothe the soul, and satisfy my sweet tooth as well! It was rich and creamy, and a fabulous indulgence… I was tempted to order a second!


Next we indulged in a chocolate fondue that was both guilt-free and delicious. The dried figs dipped in chocolate were amazing and the low-fat yoghurt cheesecake was incredible. The cheesecake is made with yogurt as a healthy alternative, and infused with hints of lavender, rose and other yummy flavours to complement the aromatherapy aspect of the set. Plus, the fondue is made from vegan dark chocolate, so you can eat all of it with no regrets! The café also offers a light lunch for hungry mamas or a hubby with an appetite.


While the DK Café is new, the professionals at DK Aromatherapy have more than 12 years of experience performing facials and massages. The fondue for two set includes a complimentary skin consultation in which a machine is used to magnify images of your skin. The results are analysed with the high-tech technology and printed out to put in your Personal Aromatherapeutic Bible to take home! The data includes moisture, pore and wrinkle results (don’t be nervous, girls!).


The aromatherapy therapist analyses and explains the results, then creates a personal skim serum for you to take home to help with improving your overall skin condition. While she makes the magic potion, the therapist explains the purpose of each oil, and why it is beneficial for your skin type.


With the skin consultation and aromatherapy included, the afternoon fondue set at DK Cuppa Tea is definitely worth experiencing and will leave you feeling healthy, well-balanced and well-fed. We were so comfortable that we didn’t want to leave – such a lovely break from the chaos of Hong Kong life!


The Guilt-free Dark Chocolate Truffle Fondue set for two ($298/person) includes two drinks and a personal aromatherapeutic consulting service with a complimentary 10ml bottle of aromatherapy facial serum specially selected for your needs to take home.  

DK Cuppa Tea, 16A Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2771 2847

Thanks to Olivia for writing this post!

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