4 March, 2015
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Get your caffeine kick on the go with Porch – The Coffee Merchants!

4 March, 2015

There’s nothing like unwinding on the weekend with a good ol’ cup of joe… sitting on the balcony (or ‘porch’!) in the morning with a good book and a steaming cuppa is the perfect way to relax. What makes this calming moment even better? When the coffee tastes amazing! Yep, we love a good, strong coffee, which is why we had to introduce you to brand new Hong Kong-based coffee company (which you may have seen already on our Instagram), Porch!

Porch – The Coffee Merchants, provides Hong Kongers with four deliciously unique single origin coffees from Indonesia. Coffee aficionados will love the flavourful taste of these sustainably sourced beans, including ‘Aceh Gayo’, ‘Sulawesi Toraja’, ‘Flores Bajawa’ and for the more adventurous, ‘Kopi Luwak’. Only the highest quality, organic coffee beans are used after being triple-sorted, and the ‘Kopi Luwak’ coffee only uses beans that have been collected from wild civet cats, ensuring that this special coffee is cruelty-free (unlike a lot of other un-ethically sourced Luwak coffees).


The thing that we love most about Porch coffee is the inventive design. Instead of popping down to your local coffee chain store, you can use Porch coffee’s uniquely designed drip bags and easily enjoy a gourmet drip coffee in the comfort of your own office or home. The drip bags are easy to use, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on the quality of the coffee for convenience, ideal for busy Sassy girls on the go! This is perfect for coffee connoisseurs who love to travel too, as you can easily slip a couple of Porch pouches into your suitcase. No more hotel instant coffee when you start your holiday mornings!

With the launch of their online store, Porch coffees are easier than ever to access – simply click online and order your coffees straight to your door. Not sure which one to go for? Sample a range and try the special variety gift selection that includes six packs of single drip coffee in three different flavours. Or if you simply can’t get enough of that strong Luwak coffee taste, then you can buy a special Luwak collection that includes six packs of Kopi Luwak coffee. Want to spice things up? Porch also has a special spice pack that includes sticks of cinnamon and dried orange which you simply add straight into your coffee for an extra flavour kick. We know where we’re getting our next caffeine fix…

If you’re a real coffee lover then why not sign up to the Porch Coffee Club, launching on 1 March? Members will receive regular shipments of freshly roasted Porch Coffee at a special member discount… and Sassy readers will receive a further discount of 10% on all offers. Simply enter the coupon code “Sassycoffee” at checkout. This offer expires on Wednesday, 18 March, 2015.



Brought to you in partnership with Porch – The Coffee Merchants
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