4 October, 2010

Browhaus: The Brow Salon

4 October, 2010

Back in August, we brought you news of Strip Ministry of Waxing’s grand opening in Hong Kong and a very nervous Maura, our nominated Brazilian virgin, went along to test out their signature treatment… Now the same company are bringing Browhaus to Hong Kong, and I was lucky enough to be the Sassy guinea pig this time around for a far less scary experience! Browhaus is located on the mezzanine level of the Strip store in Central and offers a full range of brow grooming services for the “image-conscious urbanite” to keep your eyebrows trimmed to perfection. With treatments ranging from Modern Tweezing (HK130) which removes stray hairs strand by strand for a clean, precise look, to Classic Threading (HK150) which removes hair strands in rows which gets rid of even the tiniest baby hairs, to Thread & Tweeze (HK180), a combo of both, you can select the technique you prefer. Browhaus also offers Browgraphy which gives you the option to really customize your look by taking the shade of your brows lighter or darker. As I have blonde hair but quite dark eyebrows, I’ve always wanted to try out how I’d look with bleached brows, so am very interested to try this out some day.

I was recommended to try out the Thread & Tweeze treatment, and led upstairs to take a seat in one of the uber-comfy treatment chairs. It’s a tiny bit disconcerting when you first see the treatment area as you aren’t in separate rooms, but rather in one of three chairs positioned quite close together, but as you sit down and are taken to an almost-horizontal position, you realize actually that there’s plenty of privacy and they also provide a cover for your legs so you aren’t waving your knickers at passers-by if you’ve chosen a short skirt that day! The chairs are just dreamy, and if it weren’t for the very minor sensation of the therapist working away on your brows, you could almost drift off to sleep. The therapists all have mesmerizingly perfect eyebrows, so you know you’re going to be in good hands. As I did myself a bit of brow damage in my teenage years through over-plucking, my treatment only took around 10 minutes including a trim with some very pointy scissors, but I would imagine 20-25 minutes is probably more the average.

I was very happy with my tidied-up look – the thing about brow grooming is that you might not immediately notice a big difference, just that your face looks fresher and more put-together. I’d also recommend Browhaus for the men in Hong Kong who need a bit of help with the facial grooming – I think it could work wonders! There’s a Complete Workout threading option which covers Brow-Shaping, Forehead, Upper and Lower Lip, Cheek, Chin and Sideburns at HK350 for women and HK410 for men if you’re more seriously hirsute.

As well as brow treatments, Browhaus also offers Lash Services like their signature Lash in Bloom Extensions (HK700) which takes 60 minutes and which can last 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance, and Lash Curl Up (HK400), their lash perming option.

Browhaus, 10/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2845 0886


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