24 August, 2010
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Book Launch: “Just Be Careful What You Wish For”

24 August, 2010

Often times, the story of why a book was written is almost as interesting as the story itself. Sometimes, the author’s own story just strikes a cord with you in someway and it pulls you into their novel based on some sort of connection you have with their own life. This is what happened for me upon hearing about author Dr. Neera Gupta and her first novel “Just Be Careful What You Wish For”.

You see, Neera started this novel as a hobby years back while juggling a career in dentistry followed by a stint in a more corporate role. It wasn’t until her husband was transferred to Hong Kong from Sydney in 2008 that Neera realized that writing was meant to have a more prominent role in her day to day life. While unpacking box after box in her new apartment Neera came across a box labelled “Books” and found a diary she had started back in 2002. Upon reading it she realized that a story she had begun 6 years back was still so fresh in her mind and so she left the corporate world and began working diligently to finish the novel that is now known today as “Just Be Careful What You Wish For”.

I really can connect with the fact that moving to a new country does amazing things for ones own aspirations…that is, if we allow it too. Being in a new place, in a new environment, in new surroundings can make us all very well aware of what our true passions are and if we are willing to take a risk and go after them I really do believe that happiness follows…

Author Dr. Neera Gupta

This Thursday is the official launch of the book and the event will be held at Otto Lounge from 6-9pm. Neera will be reading an excerpt from her favourite part of the book and there will be complimentary cocktails and canapes for all who attend. Neera will also be signing copies and the novel will be on sale for $100HKD. To RSVP for this event visit the books Facebook page and let them know you are attending.

About the Book: Dev, a young Australian born to parents of Indian origin, embarks on a journey to India…not knowing that a short holiday would change his life forever. While in India he faces various situations challenging his beliefs, thoughts and perceptions.  He comes across selfless, free spirited and altruistic people as well as deceitful, cunning and insidious ones.  Where on one hand he loses love and faith, on the other he finds friendship and hope. He leaves India wishing to come back again, not soon though…but life has other plans for him.

Sassy Giveaway: We have 2 copies of the book to giveaway! To be entered into the giveaway send an email to [email protected] with the title “Just Be Careful What You Wish For”. We will notify the 2 winners via email on Thursday morning.

Launch Details: Thursday 26 August, 6-9pm, Otto Lounge, 4/F, 15-16 Grand Progress Building, Lan Kwai Fong, 6102 6660

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