14 January, 2011

bobble – The Stylish New Water Bottle

14 January, 2011

I tried the whole water bottle thing last year as a way to be more environmentally friendly but there was always a slight worry in the back of my mind about the type of water I was drinking out of the tap. From the day I moved to Hong Kong plastic water bottles have been in abundance around my household and in addition to being horrible for the earth they are also pretty unsightly when the empty bottles wait on my kitchen counter to be recycled (I do put them in the recycle bin but I don’t have full confidence that they are actually being recycled though….)

With my bottled water budget far exceeding what it ever was before (I was lucky enough to live in NYC before HK whose tap water is great) I was very happy to hear about the bobble, which is a stylish, reusable patented water bottle that filters water as you drink. Basically, the bobble removes chlorine and organic contaminants from public tap water and the outcome is just like drinking water out of the bottle except you don’t have the environmental and monetary costs. And how about this fact… a single bobble filter equates to at least 300 plastic water bottles!

Bobble is made from recycled plastic and is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC and the water that comes out of the water bottle meets or even exceeds the NSF International Standard 42, which is the standard that governs public and private drinking water. The bobble is sold for $99HKD and the filter should be replaced every 2 months. When you think of all the water you are currently buying over a 2 month period this most likely comes out to a big cost savings for sure.

Now, onto the superficial part – the fun colours! Bobbles are sold in 6 colours: green, red, blue, magenta, black and yellow. I have the blue one and Hester just got the red one and the bobble has very quickly become a huge favourite of mine. I have admitted here on this site that I am horrendous at drinking water and I have to say since using the bobble my water intake has increased significantly. While it is mainly due to the amazing concept I also think the fun design also has a little something to do with it too!

Price: $99HKD
Where to Buy: You can currently buy bobbles at GOD, Bookazine and CitySuper or on their website.

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