8 April, 2011

Beauty Tips: No Purchase Necessary

8 April, 2011

Since taking up writing for Sassy I have been accused by a few friends of encouraging them to spend, spend, spend. This is partly true: it takes time, effort and money to look good and I’m pretty sure beauty queens don’t apologise for that! It is a fact of life however that I am not paid to look good all the time, which means I take the ocassional shortcut. After all, who has time to primp and prep for hours when you’re juggling work, friends and family?
This post is a tribute to all my female friends, especially those who have been persuaded by my recent posts to invest in tools or products that cost a little more than your average drugstore purchase.
Cheap trick #1: De-puffed eyes
Keep used chamomile teabags into the fridge. The soothing qualities of the flower plus the cooling sensation does wonders for tired eyes. Just wet the teabags slightly when you’re ready to use them, place one over each eye, recline and relax.
Cheap trick #2: DIY face mask
Some days, when I’m feeling bored of my usual routine, I slather manuka honey over my face for 5 – 10 minutes. Honey attracts moisture naturally and smells great, and I find it leaves my skin moisturised but not greasy. Watch out for drips though and be sure to do a patch test in case of sensitivity.
Cheap trick #3: Cold
I can’t believe I’m giving this away but here goes: I like to rub an ice cube over my face (sometimes made from chammomile tea) before a night out. It works as ‘shock therapy’ for skin. My pores shrink, I feel wide awake and my skin is nicely flushed. If you’re brave enough a cold shower in the morning has been proven to stimulate circulation. On the same note, rinsing your hair in cold water imparts a glossy sheen.
Cheap trick #4: Massaging
When I’m feeling tired and my skin is lacklustre, I use a little bit of Vitamin E oil to massage my face. I do this by curling my fingers inwards in a loose grip, then gently work my knuckles over the sides and centre of my face in a circular motion. It is perfectly fine to use oil to massage the skin but if you plan on using your usual moisturiser be careful not to pull on the skin; pat or press the cream into your skin instead, concentrating on your cheekbones and forehead.
Cheap trick #5: Tennis ball massage
My physio in London taught me this handy trick. If you suffer from lower back pain, chances are that your glutes and thigh muscles are tense and therefore exert pressure on your back (anyone: correct me if I’m wrong!). If you don’t have time to visit a masseuse or physio, place a tennis ball on the floor and sit or lie on it. The sensation is not too different from a massage except you have to move around and work to loosen the knots.
Cheap trick #6: Water
You’ve probably heard this before, and I don’t want to sound like your mother but drinking plenty of water does make a visible difference to skin. I experimented with this once, before a holiday: three litres of water each day for a week and crystal clear skin as a result. I’ve also tried warm water with lemon each morning which works just as well as any skin supplement.
Danielle moved to Hong Kong in November 2010 from London and is still on the hunt for the best beauty and pampering treatments. An amateur writer (and professional beauty enthusiast) in her spare time, she is open to comments on her blog posts and suggestions for her little black book.
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