3 January, 2011

Beauty Review: Creme de la Mer The Eye Balm Intense

3 January, 2011

Our new beauty blogger Danielle is a beauty product fiend with bulging cupboards filled with all the latest lotions and potions. Over the coming weeks she’ll be reviewing some of her “must-have” items and in her debut post she tells us if Crème de la Mer’s Eye Balm Intense is really worth the hefty price tag…

DaLate nights? Check. Long hours staring at a computer screen? Check. Air-conditioning? Check, check, check!

I had only been in HK a month and the fine lines around my eyes were already far more noticeable than they had ever been. My eye bags had eye bags and no amount of Dior Skinflash could disguise the purplish tinge developing around my delicate eye area.

I would not normally drop a huge amount of money on beauty products, wary as I am that many don’t stack up to their claims. I had however heard some positive feedback from friends on this product so I decided to invest in a little pot. I had been using the Lip and Eye Cream from the Organic Pharmacy prior to this, which suited my budget but left nothing more than greasy smears under my eyes.

The container is satisfyingly solid and comes with a silver-tipped applicator, which allows you to dab a small amount and smooth gently around the eye area. If you don’t already know this eye cream should always be applied to the hollow of your eye sockets, not directly underneath your eye, which will only cause irritation and exacerbate any puffiness. The applicator remains cool to the touch so merely holding it to your skin is soothing. I love that it is also a hygienic alternative to sticking your finger in the pot!

The eye balm itself has a greenish tinge and a gorgeously silky (but not too rich) texture which sinks in your skin within seconds. According to the La Mer website this product “combines a triple concentration of Crème de la Mer’s original Miracle Broth™ with marine extracts and advanced botanicals” – which sounds suitably complicated for a product in this price range.

While I am far from an expert on the science of it, I am the sort of person who obsesses over every line, pore and bump. My verdict? It definitely delivers. My eye area is no longer shady and tired, and although my fine lines are still there my skin feels significantly smoother; my bags diminished. I don’t think my lines will disappear anytime soon but the intensive moisture hit that this product gives will hopefully keep any newer ones at bay. The biggest difference has been to my dark shadows and puffiness – something I know we all need to disguise over the party season! For those who are looking to make this last a little longer just use it once a day at night like I do.

Creme de la Mer Eye Balm Intense is available via Strawberry.net for HK1374.50.

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