New In Beauty: What’s Hot This Month

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Dior Addict Lip Tattoo

This is a game-changer, ladies. If there is anything we women hate, it’s leaving our lipstick mark on everything except our lips! The Lip Tattoo by Dior fuses with the lips transparently and lightly. Its formula is made to be the first kissable, non-transferable ink. It sets in just a few seconds after application for an ephemeral tattoo effect and wear!

Available online via Nordstrom or from Dior concessions across Hong Kong

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NARS Multiple Tint

For girls who like a quick makeup routine (um, all of us!) and who also enjoy some unity when it comes to lip and cheek colour, Nars has released its Multiple Tint. Delivering a dewy, natural-looking color and finish for lips and cheeks, it’s available in a variety of colours that should suit any skin tone.

Available from Nars stockists across Hong Kong

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IDS A-Plus (A+) Advanced Age-Preventive Skin Corrector

The humidity is here, and to combat it, IDS has released the A-Plus (A+) Advanced Age-Preventive Skin Corrector. Its age-preventive formula is meant to defend against early signs of aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also has powerful skin-lightening and skin-calming effects resulting in a smoother and clearer complexion for all skin types, and helps lighten blemish marks.

Available online from IDS Skincare

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Laura Mercier Lightstruck Prismatic Glow Palette

Pastels are all the rage this season and Laura Mercier has jumped on that trend. Releasing the Lightstruck Prismatic Glow Palette, it features five multi-dimensional shades to customize your glow. You can layer the shades together or wear them separately.

Available from Laura Mercier stockists across Hong Kong

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Rahua Color Full Conditioner

For women who use hair color and don’t want it being washed away (um, everyone!), Joyce has released the Rahua Color Full Conditioner. It’s rich and creamy and has been formulated to maintain the colour you paid so handsomely for! Its hydrating formula is made with gardenia oil and lavender essence to give your hair a soft result.

Available online via Net-A-Porter or from Joyce Beauty at Lane Crawford

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CLARINS Summer Limited Edition Makeup

Clarins is releasing a cute 2-step routine that combines both skincare and makeup. This summer limited edition is packaged in adorable pink patterns, consisting of a love and kiss duo with a Skin Illusion Blush (in three shades!) and a daily energiser lovely lip balm. The Skin Illusion Blush comes with a little powder puff and mirror lid, formulated with pink algae extract (to enhance radiance) and pink opal powder (to hydrate, stimulate AND tone the skin). The Daily Energiser Lovely Lip Balm plumps and protects your lips (with organic cocoa butter, shea oil and red-currant!), and it even reacts to the pH of your lips to create a rosy glow suited perfectly to you.

Available at Clarins stores across Hong Kong

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KMS Start, Style, Finish

Bad hair days begone! Featured in New York Fashion Week, the new KMS brand launch includes a three-step routine: Start, Style, Finish. The shampoo and conditioner covers all bases and saturates your hair with moisture, repairing both the inside AND outside of your hair. To style, the liquid dust and texture creme add up to 70% more volume in your hair, creating that desired bounce. Finally, the unforgivable foe named humidity can be battled with the hair-stay hair-spray, containing flexible sealing compounds to keep your ‘do in place all day.

Available in KMS salons in Hong Kong

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Laura Mercier Balancing Gel Cleanser and Creme Cleanser

It’s not news that the air in Hong Kong stresses out our skin big time (which stresses us out big time). With the idea that balanced = flawless in terms of skincare, this new cleansing line by Laura Mercier is gentle yet effective, made with all-natural ingredients to suit all skin types. The soap-free balancing gel cleanser is ideal for normal to oily skin, removing oil and makeup without stripping your skin dry. The added cucumber, chamomile and lavender extract creates a soothing and soft effect on the skin. For normal to dry skin, the balancing crème cleanser hydrates and plumps the skin while removing face makeup. Containing coconut oil and kukui nut oils, the blend of oils and natural ingredients protects and rejuvenates your skin.

Available at Laura Mercier stores across Hong Kong




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