3 May, 2017
strip waxing hong kong
strip waxing hong kong

How To Achieve A Bump-Free Bikini Line

3 May, 2017
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Hair removal tips and tricks to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation!


When we’re sporting our sexiest bikini, the last thing we want is to worry about a bumpy rash ruining our look. Which is why it’s important to prepare yourself – and your skin – for when you are ready to (ahem) prune those nether regions. We at Sassy care just as much as you do about having smooth legs, arms and bikini lines when we embark on our next trip to the beach or pool, so we’re giving you our tried and true tips to ensure a glossy finish to those hard-to-reach places!

We spoke with the global experts at Strip, who are not only offering a fabulous deal on all types of hair removal, but have given us their best advice on how to achieve pain-free, polished and pretty darn sexy summer bods!

strip waxing hong kong

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Girls, don’t just drag a dry razor across your stubble. (It hurts us just writing that!) No matter if you wax or shave, your skin needs tender loving care. Strip experts tells us that it’s super important to liberally apply a moisturiser every day before any treatment, and do it again 24 hours after. Your skin will look radiant (think: sexy glow!) and the chance of ingrown hairs will diminish greatly. Silky skin achieved!


The best way to avoid any ingrown spots is to exfoliate. Use a loofa (or textured washcloth) to scrub the area on alternate days. This will remove pollution from your pores, leaving the area smooth and soft.


Ah, the old favourite. With a swipe of a sharp razor, hairless beauty is yours in no time! But this method requires a clean, sharp, two-bladed razor to do the job well (and to avoid infection!), and make sure you shave in the direction of the hair growth. Doing so will help reduce the chance of nicks and cuts. And, always make sure to moisturise!


Time for the experts! This method is best for those who desire longer lasting results than shaving. But whatever you do, don’t shave or pluck before you wax! The hair should be at least 5-6mm long for the wax to grip it. To reduce the pain, make sure to use high quality wax. It reduces the pain because it grabs the hair, but is gentle on the skin. Always apply ingrown hair cream for 24 hours after you wax to prevent and treat ingrown hairs. And, as we mentioned, exfoliate every four days for a week, three days after you wax. Feel like going for it? A full Brazilian at Strip is only $220 for first-time customers (which uses their own secret wax recipe!).

strip waxing hong kong

IPL or Laser

Contrary to what you may have heard or experienced, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser hair removal should not cause you any pain with the latest technology! It’s true there is more of a sensation with laser, compared to IPL, but IPL works well with Asian skin and is safer than Laser. For those with dark brown hair (or darker skin), Laser will be more effective than IPL.  Also, if you wax regularly, IPL or laser is actually cheaper and less painful! The key to having IPL or Laser done correctly is finding good therapists. Luckily, Strip’s therapists are all highly trained in both IPL and Laser, and are all about achieving the look and feel every woman wants (and they do it painlessly!). The best news is you will have permanent hair reduction after six to nine sessions, and we are totally on board with that! Ready to try it for yourself? Just in time for the hot weather, Strip’s first-time customer specials are something every gal will appreciate: IPL Underarm is just $168, IPL Half Arm Bottom is just $155, and Half Leg Bottom is only $366. With unbeatable prices and experienced therapists, Strip will take care of all your hair removal needs!

From April to Friday, 30 June, Strip Hong Kong is running its “We Want Your Hair” campaign to clean up Hong Kong City. On Saturday, 6 May from 12pm to 4pm, there will be a free grooming day, with the first 20 customers in the queue getting a totally FREE underarm IPL or underarm wax (woop!), and the first 10 customers in queue will get an additional $500 credit vouchers (win-win!).

And Sassy girls, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Strip will also be offering up the perfect opportunity to buy selected IPL packages at 50% off, for this day only!*

For more information, check out the Strip Facebook page, or book your appointment here!

Strip: Ministry of Waxing, 9/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 3950 3950, [email protected], www.strip.com.hk

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