24 November, 2011

Back Label: The Stylish Alternative to Your Grungey Old Sweatpants!

24 November, 2011

It’s my favorite time of year! Now I can finally open the windows in the apartment and curl up with a good book and my comfy clothes on! While my friends may think that I love to trot around in my highest heels all day and wear hard-to-get-into-dresses accessorized to the max, I secretly live for loungewear! And now, thanks to Back Label, I can live in these luxurious loungers all day and night!

Back Label is an incredible Italian brand, founded in 2008, and designed by Amy Perricone. It was from Amy’s world travels that she came up with the idea for the collection, and we can thank her for making our lives more leisurely! The collection consists of über soft separates that you can not only wear to bed, but to yoga and for traveling in, as well. The tan cardigan is just begging to be worn on a long haul flight, while the black pants would be just as at home in a yoga studio as they would in my actual home.

This stunning line is 100% hand-made in Italy by local craftsmen from the best materials on earth! Each color of the collection is made from a different type of fiber and receives its hue from chemical-free, natural dying processes. The white pieces are made of milk fibers and are great for Hong Kong heat, as they actually absorb humidity. The black fabric is actually cotton derived from seaweed, while the tan is a bamboo silk blend and could be the softest thing that ever touches your body. That is, unless, you choose to wear Back Label’s Cariaggi Soffio cashmere. The colors of these cashmeres range from black which is dyed with blueberries, to nude which received its color from the Ceylon tea, to Poppy petal gray and a pigment-free white.

My favorite pieces include the tan bamboo and silk one shoulder top, the long Latte halter dress, the nude cashmere cardigan, and the black one shoulder Alga Marina dress.  These dresses would be my go-to summer beach-wear and would be beautiful with little sandals, wavy hair, and some big gold earrings. The nude shirt would pair perfectly with a long flowing maxi skirt for a casual Friday night meal. And that cashmere cardi…. well, I may not ever take it off!

I simply could not keep my hands off of the clothing and kept running the delicate fabrics through my hands while I spoke with the designer. Not only do you feel good wearing the relaxing robes, but you can rest easy knowing that a portion of all sales go towards supporting the APEBC Boarding House in Burma where they care for 34 child refugees. It seems that this is clothing with a conscience and you will feel good inside and out wrapped in Back Label.

Back Label is available at Konzepp in Hong Kong.

Konzepp, G/F, 50 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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