6 August, 2015
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7 Reasons You Need To Go To Ninja Camp Now

6 August, 2015

Want to know the secret to happiness? Head to Ninja Camp to find out!

I’ve started and stopped this sentence 18 times because a very large part of me wants to keep my experience at Ninja Camp a secret. Selfish of me I know. It’s also tricky to find the words to paint a perfect picture, so instead I’ve compiled a nifty list with all the best bits from my recent trip to Ninja Camp in Bali, a perfect week curated by CHOSEN, a luxury travel and lifestyle company that is doing things differently. The co-founders John and Robin launched the wellness and fitness retreat company in 2013, and the experiences that nurture the mind, body and soul sell out like hotcakes fast! The week-long retreats are wild mixes of mindfulness, fitness, yoga, nutrition and adventure combined with a little bit of pixie dust. Step in line ladies, your next summer getaway just got sorted. And don’t forget to check out #sassyninja2015 for the trip in insta-pics!

IMG_7428-Edit1. The Food
I’m putting this first for a reason. The food you will eat is so good you’ll want to kidnap Josh the chef and bring him home. Every mouthful from dawn till dusk is phenomenal. Healthy, nutritious menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner filled with top-notch ingredients bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘eating well’ and your body will be so happy after a week! Gluten-free, wheat-free, whole-food feasts served with cold-pressed coffee in the morning and fresh juice later in the day will leave you smiling from the inside out. You will be glowing by day three – guaranteed. Everything else you eat after Ninja Camp will pale in comparison.

IMG_7278-Edit2. The Itineraries
Leave your laptop at home, turn off your phone and throw your calendar away for the week. The only thing you need is yourself, a little bit of courage and an open mind… a swimsuit might come in handy too! Every night you’ll be presented with a full itinerary for the following day complete with allocated times for rising, eating, working out, chilling out, workshops, adventures and activities. You will not need to think about anything and in my opinion that’s priceless. Grab a book, have a chat and relax.

IMG_63393. The Experts
John and Robin are positive, happy people and their good vibes vibrate throughout the duration of the retreat. They bring in the best people from everywhere around the world including nutritionist and wellness expert Elisa of Culinary Farmacy, Yogi, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Kat Hurley, CrossFit pro Taylor Rank, Photographer Gabe, and Chef, DJ and hospitality expert Josh together to create a peaceful bubble of health, vitality and fun. You’ll chill out and work out with these exceptional people for a week and learn new things every day in a natural way. They will inspire, teach and mentor you throughout the week and you won’t even know it’s happening.

IMG_53144. The Ninjas
The participants (or aspiring ninjas) of the retreat are all carefully vetted. Application doesn’t guarantee approval and that’s because Ninja Camp isn’t for everyone. It’s this careful selection process that make CHOSEN Experiences different to every other fitness and wellness retreats. As a fellow Ninja once said, “You need to be the type of person who is comfortable being uncomfortable.” The ninjas were from all over the world, aged from 27-42 and worked in fashion, business, restaurants, finance and publishing. We were all very different but got along like a house on fire as we all had a common thread running through our personalities.

IMG_54915. The Places
Ninja Camp venues are pure perfection. Large luxurious villas with large private rooms and mini villas within huge properties are the norm. Spacious common areas for swimming, exercising, feasting and chilling are covered in flowers every day. You’ll also work out in the best fitness centres in the vicinity. From cool CrossFit boxes to Super Hero Factories (yes you read that right) you’ll get the inside scoop on all the top-secret spots.

Chosen_Gabe_Sullivan-366. The Activities
Expect perfectly tailored WODs (that’s Workout Of The Day for any non CrossFitters), canyon repelling, parkour, yoga, surfing, cliff-jumping, mindfulness sessions, cooking lessons, massages and more throughout the week. Every day is different and your itinerary for the next day is left on your pillow at 9pm every evening. The schedule is structured around meal times and activities with daily down time too so you can top up your tan and make use of the wifi if you wish. I liked my fellow ninjas so much that most of my relaxation time was spent chatting and learning how to do backflips off the roof of the villa into the turquoise pool. To say I bellyflopped numerous times would be a huge understatement!

IMG_80027. The Music
Weeklong playlists with the best beats you’ll ever hear ebb and flow perfectly from morning till night. I erased all the music on my playlist and now only listen to Ninja Camp tunes. Enough said. Josh is a genius in and outside of the kitchen.


So there you have it, the 7 reasons you need to apply here and book your next Ninja Camp today. Tell them Sassy sent you to sweeten the deal and I’ll see you there! This is one experience to add to your bucket list and it’s worth every single penny. Just check out the upcoming dates for 2015 below.

All of the fab photos were taken by Gabe Sullivan, check out his work on his website and Instagram. For enquiries please email [email protected].

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