6 April, 2010
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7 Best Places for Salad in Hong Kong

6 April, 2010

Sometimes you just crave the fresh crunch of a good salad – even if you drench it with enough dressing and cover it with so many toppings that it isn’t strictly healthy any more, you will still get that saintly feeling as you munch down the lettuce leaves. A good salad in Hong Kong can be hard to find sometimes – we often end up heading to the same old places again and again. If you have any recommendations to add to this list, please let us know in the Comments section and we’ll be sure to check it out, as we think there’s a lot of room for improvement in this area!

This list is not in order of preference!

1. Dressed Salad – I go back again and again for their Five Star salad, which includes steak, goat’s cheese, dried cherries and asparagus – yum! Good for a quick grab-and-go healthy lunch, though priced pretty high considering what you get and the leaves can sometimes feel a bit wilted.

2. Just Salad – You’re probably going to be loyal to either Dressed or Just Salad, not both. Just Salad serves slightly larger portions, and has a slight edge on freshness over Dressed, but falls down a little when it comes to innovative menu choices. Plus, you won’t be able to get a panini or soup at Just Salad as it’s… well, JUST salad!

3. RED SoHo – The Cobb salad at RED SoHo is a bit of a Sassy girl fave. The small portion is probably about right if you’re having an appetiser too (we recommend the chicken quesadillas), but the large portion is inhumanly enormous. You’ll feel like you’re in the salad-eating olympics by the time you reach the bottom of the bowl.

4. California Pizza Kitchen – Yes, they’re all the way over in Causeway Bay, so not convenient for everybody, but you can order a salad to be delivered to your office or home via FoodbyFone.net. We’re fans of the BBQ chicken and Asian crunch salads. Super-fresh and tasty, you can’t beat them for a weekday dinner.

5. Life Cafe – The House Salad at Life is probably one of the healthiest salads around. Packed with beetroot, carrot, cabbage and sunflower seeds as well as leaves, this packs a nutritional punch. Served with a tasty dollop of humous and a pesto-type dressing, you can either eat in or take away.

6. Mix Salad – OK for a quick unplanned bite, but a little lacking in substance and without much creativity in terms of combinations.

7. Pizza Express – Very decent salads which have a lot of toppings and flavour. Their dressings are absolutely calorie-laden though, which means unless you intended to chow down on as many calories as a pizza, get the dressing on the side or ask for just lemon juice instead.

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