23 February, 2010

31 Rue Cambon

23 February, 2010

31 Rue Cambon was the Parisian address for one of the most iconic figures in the fashion industry: Coco Chanel. Of course it’s only fitting that this fabulous flat is located directly above the Chanel boutique and salon. Couldn’t you just imagine Mademoiselle Chanel lounging around her flat, dressed in all black and white, surrounded by loads of camellias and splashing herself with hints of Chanel No. 5… then dashing downstairs to view samples of her latest collections draped over chic models in the Chanel boutique?

Coco Chanel’s discerning taste for beauty and detail trickled down to every possible facet of her opulent and glamorous flat. Though the apartment is not large by any means, in fact, each room is rather small considering her grand lifestyle. Interestingly, there is no bedroom. Instead Mademoiselle Chanel would spend her days living in the flat, entertain her friends at night and then she’d lock the doors to this elegant space and walk 5 minutes to the Ritz where she kept a private suite and would sleep nightly. She never spent one single night sleeping at 31 Rue Cambon. Wow!

Take a look (note the strong Asian influence in her decor):

The entrance to her flat.

Coco Chanel’s famous sitting room.

The anteroom.

The Dining Room.  Coco Chanel had all the doors in her house covered so guests wouldn’t feel rushed to leave.

Coco Chanel used to sit on the 5th step of this mirrored staircase to preview models wearing garments of her newest collections.

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