7 June, 2010

10 Favourite Things Right Now

7 June, 2010

1. The enormous (surely genetically modified) long-stemmed strawberries they sell at CitySuper… They’re extortionately expensive (HK$78 per pack) but the size of plums and totally delicious – my new addiction!

2. Crisp sheets – I’ve got a bit of insomnia going on at the moment, and slipping into crisp white sheets just makes me sleep that little bit better. I’m also spraying my pillows with lavender to try to help me drift off, which makes my bedroom smell like my grandma’s.

3. The Elemental Herbology skin range. I was given some little travel size samples a while ago and I’ve managed to make them last for a really long time. The 3-step exfoliating mask, mineral mask and moisturizing mask leave my skin super-soft and knowing they’re full of natural ingredients is nice too!

4. Playing tennis at the Happy Valley Tennis Courts each week – there’s nothing better than a bit of running around and hitting balls in the sunshine. We’ve been rained out a lot lately, but still are averaging one to two times a week. I’m definitely getting a lot slower, and I might not make my original goal of playing until I’m 7 months pregnant, but I’m trying to keep going!

5. Liza Minnelli singing “All That Jazz” – I saw Chicago at the weekend at The Lyric Theatre and am just going to have to get the soundtrack. I love all the numbers and singing along (in the privacy of my own home!). There’s nothing like a musical to make me happy, and I hear a London production of Grease is soon coming to Hong Kong so that will be a must-see.

6. Pouring over beautiful baby blogs to try to learn as much as possible and get nursery decor tips! My favourites are Design Mom, With Two Cats (where the nursery image above is from) and Making It Lovely.

7. Sofia Coppola’s New York apartment – how armfuls of pink flowers raise a space from simply pretty to gorgeous. I wish the Mong Kok flower market was just that little bit closer so that I could indulge my wish for huge amounts of fresh flowers more easily.

8. In case I tricked you into thinking I was living healthily these days with my talk of strawberries and tennis, I’ve got to keep it real and tell you that Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra is making up a huge part of my diet these days. I’d love to suggest to Ben & Jerry that they remove the actual ice cream and just sell jars of the caramel inside – it’s like crack to me at the moment.

9. Big Love and The Bachelorette – I can satisfy my reality tv cravings with The Bachelorette, and then go slightly more highbrow with Big Love. Food for plenty of joking around with my husband about what would happen to him if he ever suggested living the principle!

10. Maxi Dresses – I’m not sure I can hand-on-my-heart say that these will stay my favourites for very long, as my limited wardrobe means that they’ll be getting a LOT of wear, but I love not having to think about what to put on in the morning and accessorizing them is super-easy as wearing a print all over means you don’t need a whole lot else! The hardest thing is not wanting to constantly buy new ones. I’m finding Zara has a pretty good selection…

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