12 August, 2013

Zooq – our new online fashion discovery

12 August, 2013

zooq online fashion dcg

Online shopping nowadays is so convenient that it’s getting pretty hard to convince us it’s worth getting outside (under the scorching hot sun) to flip through racks of clothes with the crowds! We’ve recently discovered a brand new online shopping site that has totally won current top spot in our bookmarks list – Zooq – who offer free shipping to Hong Kong, loads of great international (not to mention super cute) brands, a 10-day return or refund policy and a lowest price guarantee.

Apart from the already popular fashion lines like Free People, Motel Rocks and One Teaspoon that we spotted on Zooq, there are also plenty of hidden gems and new names that are not so easily available in the ‘Kong. Here are our 5 favourite fashion finds (pssst… and lots of them are currently on sale too!):

zooq celia b

Celia B is a Spanish brand that’s full of colours, prints and psychedelic patterns. From small quirky accessories and shopping bags to full-blown wild peplum dresses, you are guaranteed a feelgood Friday (or any day really!) with these happy numbers.

SASSY LOVES: The Adiel dress and the Kamarina dress are perfect for both bright and bold office days or summer nights out, whilst the Tulwa top can be dressed up with a statement necklace or down with a pair of denim shorts.

zooq full circle

Elegant with a British edge, Full Circle has reworked classic styles to turn them into modern, sexy and young pieces. Their flowing soft silhouettes are flattering for all body types and their clean, simple colour palette makes them perfect as wardrobe staples.

SASSY LOVES: The Klee trousers have just the right touch of boho, with a wide leg flare but a pleated finish for a polished look. Meanwhile the poppy-red Sayuri skirt is just made for date nights and picnics, whilst the Devina cardigan is soft, slouchy and ideal for that transition from summer to fall.

zooq goldie london

Goldie London is a British brand that has quietly but strikingly come up with loads of wearable but fashion-forward pieces. From soft neutral shades for girlie girls to edgy black and plum pieces that are ready to rock and roll, there is something for every occasion.

SASSY LOVES: The Gala silver jacket and matching metallic Annabel shorts have trendy office day written all over them! We also love the metal silver with ivory dress; that loose flowing fabric and cut-out shoulder detailing will have you feeling just as cool as you look!

zooq minty meets munt

Minty Meets Munt, faring all the way from Down Under, is a brand as fresh as its (slightly odd!) name. Launched in 2007, it has become the new go-to for Sydney fashionistas with styles that are easy to wear but still bang on-trend. It’s easy to fall in love with these cheeky but still ladylike dresses and blouses.

SASSY LOVES: These funky Tap shorts will be easy to mix and match thanks to the monochrome palette, but they still have a fun touch of floral to them too. Meanwhile, the navy drop waist dress is casual cool at its best, whilst the Alexa floral top boasts a cute collar and minty aqua colour perfect for channelling that fresh breezy summer look.

zooq vaudeville and burlesque

Playful yet feminine with a little hint of vintage thrown in too, Vaudeville & Burlesque from the UK has pieces that have a sense of sophistication but are also casual enough to work for everyday wear. Looking good all day every day is now much easier with these cute but still grown-up silhouettes!

SASSY LOVES: This black cut out dress with embroidered sleeves could well become that ultimate LBD that makes you look good even on bad days! We’re also coveting these brocade capris in an easy-to-match yet eye-catching soft green and antique gold print, whilst this pretty cream embroidered top should go with literally nearly every bottom you own.

We had such a hard time picking out only five brands when there are over 80 different ones from all over the world to choose from on Zooq – and there aren’t just clothes but accessories, jewellery and eyewear too. So go check out their site for yourself and stake out some new style discoveries; just don’t overspend… well, too much anyway!

www.en.zooq.com, 5646 6055

Banner photo: Mink Pink blue collar denim shirt

3 thoughts on “Zooq – our new online fashion discovery

  1. Zooq’s been out for a while so I highly doubt this is a new find for Sassy. I do love their selection of brands but when I tried to send stuff back there was a lot of problems as China can send anything out of the country, but you can’t send stuff into the country, including returns.

  2. Hey Reena

    Actually Zooq definitely was a new find for us! Someone mentioned Zooq to us and we hadn’t heard of them before (it can be hard to try and keep track of all the new awesome openings, stores and websites in our region!) – and when we mentioned them to Karen, who wrote this article, she hadn’t heard of them either! Although obviously, it does take us a bit of time between hearing about something, researching it, putting an article together and then publishing it on the site. Hopefully, it’s a new discovery for some of our other readers too, even if it has been around for a few months.

    Thanks for letting us know your experience with trying to return stuff; as yet, our shopping has been mostly of the virtual wishlist variety so hopefully they will improve things by the time we do end up placing an order!

  3. Hi Reena,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Would you mind letting us know which courier company you used last time?

    We generally recommend our customers use SF Express. If you call them on 27300273, you can arrange a time for them to pick up the parcel at your door and it usually takes 1-2 days to reach us. Each order has a tracking code so don’t have to worry about the parcel getting lost. We’ve encountered very few problems with SF Express so we would highly recommend them!


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