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Yummy Mummy

Hooray you’re preggers!  Or perhaps you’re going to a baby shower for your mom- to -be friend and want to get a gift for her.  We found a few  must have items to help you or your friend survive the next glorious nine months!

When founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely became pregnant last year it inspired her to create a pre-natal line called Mama Spanx which are designed for the hot mama with the growing bump. These bad boys come in either the Power Mama (which help shape and contour your figure), Mama Spanx Full Length Pantyhose, and Mama Spanx Footless Pantyhose.  Get this, all three lines stretch with the growing belly and come in either black or bare colours. By the way, Sara had a baby boy named Lazer Blake Itzler this past June!

Each and every chemical you put on your body while you’re pregnant must be baby- to- be safe.  Mama Mio has come up with a sprawling range of products that are pregnant friendly.  The Countdown Kit is stocked with all the essentials for maintaining beautiful flawless skin from head to toe.  First of all we covet the cute little green tin lunch box that packages the kit.  Inside you’ll find a Calming Facial Spray, Massage Oil, Wonder-Full Balm, and Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter. Mama Mio definitely thought of it all!

Britney Spears, you either love her or you hate her.  Whatever your opinion,  we thought the “I have the Golden Ticket” tank she wore to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie premier a couple years ago was cute.  We think the shirt makes a great way to have fun with your belly.


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