Adopt Don’t Shop: Life Long Animal Protection

6 December, 2016
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Adopt Don’t Shop: Life Long Animal Protection

7 adorable cats and dogs in need of loving homes this Christmas!


With a couple of us girls either fostering or having adopted a furry friend here at Sassy, we can’t say enough just how rewarding the experience has been. And granted, we know that space can be a bit of an issue here in the city, but if you’re in a position to give a new lease of life to an animal in need, get in touch with one of the many amazing rescue charities in Hong Kong.

With a firm ‘adopt don’t shop’ stance here in the office, we’re encouraging those looking for a new member of the family to do the same. This month, we’ve been in touch with LAP, a remarkable shelter that’s been taking in, rehabilitating and rehoming needy cats and dogs since 2003, to show you just how amazing some of these animals are… we would take them all home if we could! So if you’re serious about adoption, please consider one of these seven adorable cats and dogs who are desperately in need of a loving home this December. And remember girls, an animal is for life, not just for Christmas.

To enquire about an adoption, head to or consider making a donation here!

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Jay Jay (Shih Tzu - 10 years old)

Jay Jay has been in foster for a few years now and has recently joined the LAP Centre pack to try to look for his forever home! Estimated to be around 10 years young, Jay Jay is still very active, playful with toys and gets along great with other dogs. He’s known for doing happy little sprints around the centre!


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Danny & Sunny (Siberian Huskies - both 5 years old)

Danny and Sunny are Siberian Husky brothers who were sadly abandoned as their previous owner became ill. Both boys are like big bears – they’re affectionate and love to be around people as well as very vocal about their walks (every time a volunteer holds a leash they start howling!). Danny & Sunny are looking to find a home together as they are extremely attached and will require someone experienced with dogs as they are extra large huskies with lots of energy!

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Freddie (Schnauzer - 12 years old)

Freddie is an adorable Schnauzer who was given up to LAP in his senior years following physical abuse. Luckily for Freddie, he is out of harms way and is happily living life at a loving foster home. Despite his traumatic past, he’s extremely gentle, friendly and loving. Freddie is great with kids and other dogs and he truly deserves a permanent home to live out his retirement years!

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Magenta (Domestic Short Hair - 1.5 months old)

Little Magenta is a tabby rescued off the streets alongside her siblings, she’s been health checked and is now ready for a loving home! Magenta is a typical kitten – playful, active and is an absolute joy to be around. She would happily play chase with other cats or spend her time purr-ing on your lap.

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Vanessa (Persian - 5 years old)

Vanessa the Persian is unfortunately an example that there are not only puppy mills out there, but kitten mills too where exotic cats are also used as breeding machines. Sweet Vanessa came to LAP with cat flu, severe ringworm, ear mites, dental issues and was terribly underweight and suffering from the hands of her breeder. Thankfully with dedicated love and care from her foster home, Vanessa has transformed overtime from being dull and sad, to a happy and active kitty! She’s now mentally and physically ready to be adopted into a loving home.

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Nelson (Mongrel - 1 year old)

Nelson is one of LAP’s black dogs that has been left behind from his litter, a heart-breaking example of “Black Dog Syndrome” where people tend to prefer and adopt and buy lighter colour pups. Since Nelson has practically grown up at the adoption centre, he may appear a little shy outside of the centre but remains extremely playful and active inside! Nelson is very affectionate and greets our volunteer team with a big smile every day, he would be happy to be around children without a problem.

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Gemma (Mongrel - 2.5 months old)

Don’t let Gemma’s cute confused looks fool ya – she is bright as a button! Chirpy little Gemma is a playful girl whose tail is constantly wagging. She’s a total sweetheart, gives lots of kisses and loves to be around both humans and other dogs. Another black pup, she is also the last of her sibling litter to be adopted – Gemma will make the perfect addition to any family and would be great with kids.

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