6 January, 2011
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Top 5… Vegetarian Restaurants

6 January, 2011

It’s the new year and when we look in the mirror we’re slightly regretting the indulgences of the festive season… One great way to cut some calories in January is to go veggie, and there are some great vegetarian restaurant options in Hong Kong!

Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine
10/F, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay – 2890 3127
Classic Shanghainese favourites, including xiao long bao and cold noodles prepared with mock meats and tofu instead of pork, chicken and seafood – yummy!

3/F, 6 Gilman’s Bazaar, Central
Not content with being just a vegetarian restaurant, Soland is vegan friendly as well. Only open for lunch Mondays through Saturdays, Soland is cheap and cheerful, though quite basic. There menu is limited, but if you’re looking for healthy options for a post-New Year detox, Soland is perfect.

Veggie SF
10/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central – 3902 3902
With a cool, 50s Americana vibe and international favourites on the menu, Veggie SF ranks as one of the coolest veggie restaurants in Hong Kong. Vegetarian lasagna, burgers, bibimbap and sashimi rice are a few of the east and west dishes available.

World Peace Café
21-23 Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai – 2527 5870
Around the corner from The Pawn and run by monks and volunteers, the food is always good and wholesome. Advanced reservations are a must, especially around lunchtime. They offer set dinner menus alongside yummy desserts and fruit shakes.

Khana Khazana
1/F, 20 Luard Road, Wanchai – 2520 5308
Now the weather’s a bit cooler, a nice, warming curry is just the thing you need to pick you up. It’s not the grandest of restaurants, but the creamy curries and tandoori platters hit the spot.

For more information or bookings, please contact [email protected].

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9 thoughts on “Top 5… Vegetarian Restaurants

  1. Love love Kung Tak Lam and the World Peace Cafe.. always take my veggie visitors to these as well as Woodlands and Branto in Kowloon.. no complaints so far.

  2. This is one of the worst compilations of “Top 5” I’ve ever seen! I cannot speak for World Peace Cafe, but I have otherwise been to a number of other vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong and the other 4 restaurants on this list.

    The only restaurant on this list that deserves the distinction of “Top 5” is Kung Tak Lam. VeggieSF, which I’ve been to twice now, is actually more hype than hot. Many of the veggies are nearly raw, and overall flavor is weak. Soland, being a limited private kitchen, does little to impress with its bland soups and overcooked pasta, even though I appreciate its efforts at promoting sustainability and organics. Khana Khazana is a poor example of the famous South Indian vegetarian cuisine.

    Some much better choices are:
    Woodlands in TST – some of the best Indian food I’ve had in the world (in spite of hailing from NY and having travelled to India).
    Life Cafe in Soho – though I’m not a huge fan of their desserts or wine selection, their dishes are creative, hearty and delicious.
    Light Vegetarian House in Jordan – excellent vegetarian Cantonese, including the hard to find vegetarian congee.
    O-Veg Happy Valley – a creative private kitchen that also locally sources much of its ingredients.

    I have heard wonderful things about Pure Veggie House, and am dying to go there.

    Really, Sassy — this is a real pity!

  3. Oh no, we’re so sorry you think that 3 on this list aren’t worth the trip – we actually rather like Khana Khazana though the decor could do with a bit of a refresh! I’m excited to check out Woodlands in TST and O-Veg in Happy Valley which I haven’t been to before. Thanks for the suggestions and we’ll keep everyone posted if we update the Top 5! These Top 5’s do tend to be rather controversial… 🙂

  4. I completely agree with Joan. This isn’t a list of top 5s at all! Quintessentially must be getting paid to mention these restaurants! There is SO much better Vegetarian food out there.. not to mention places that are good about respecting the fact that you’re vegetarian and making you a great plate of food.

  5. Hi Jennifer, I don’t believe that Quintessentially is getting paid to mention these restaurants… it really is their personal preference. We would absolutely love to hear more about your favourite restaurants that didn’t make their list. If you ever feel like doing a review please send it our way as we would love to read it and perhaps post it on our site!

  6. i disagree with some of the more negative comments. i really enjoy veggieSF and think it’s a refreshing vegetarian option in hong kong- their asian dishes are usually much better than their western ones, and my personal fav is their bibimbap and the vietnamese cold noodles.

    kung tak lam is of course a hk classic and has long been regarded as one of hong kong’s most famous veggie restaurants.

    i think it’s a fantastic list- having lived in hong kong as a veggie for nearly 22 years it’s a pretty nice reflection of the variety that hk offers for vegetarians now

    if there were room for 1 more i’d definitely list Pure Veggie house in coda plaza on macdonell rd as their dim sum is to die for.

    thanks for another cool article sassy! 🙂

  7. Pure Veggie House should be on the list – great vegetarian food, probably best vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. Nice ambience with Buddhist sculptures, wooden furniture. Dim sum available usually to late afternoon. Very busy at lunch time and supper so book ahead but if you go around 2 on Sundays, it’s less busy. Also, Khana Kazana does make good dhosas. However, they do serve a lot of North Indian cuisine. Their dahi puris are delicious.

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