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Meet Team Sassy

At Sassy, we have a fantastic team of writers, bloggers, photographers and girls-about-town pounding the pavements to give us the latest scoop on the 852! Find out more about the fabulous Team Sassy here.

Sabrina Sikora

Hello! I am Sabrina and I love all things fashion! I am originally from Macon, Georgia, USA but started travelling at the age of 15 to pursue a modelling career. Modelling afforded me the opportunity to travel the world, living and working in such cities as New York, Shanghai, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles, and now Hong Kong! During this adventure, I discovered a deep love of photography and now work as a professional photographer shooting fashion, families, and everything Sassy! I am best known as the “tall girl with the big camera” and you can typically find me wandering around Central in massive heels and tons of jingly accessories in search of great photos and sugary treats!

Favorite things about Hong Kong: My better half and I relocated to Hong Kong in 2007 and never looked back. I love all that this city has to offer and I am so happy not to have to slush around in the NY snow anymore! Plus, the people in Hong Kong are more adventurous than I have ever seen! Be it fashion, travel, or food – trust that Hong Kongers will do it to the max! Being able to travel all around Asia at a time when it is changing so much is really exciting. It is also very refreshing to experience how open everyone is to meeting new people. Another plus is the food, though I do miss Southern BBQ!

Check out Sabrina’s photography on her website Sabrina Sikora Photography.

Emma Matuschka

I’m Emma; originally from New Zealand, I’ve called Honkers ‘home’ for just over a year and absolutely adore it. Although the city makes for a pretty amazing playground, I love to spend my spare time lazing at the beach, hitting the hiking trails and exploring the outlying islands.

Things I love about Hong Kong: my list is pretty lengthy… the food, nightlife, city skyline, shopping (ohhh, the shopping), summer junk trips, street art, champagne brunches and the fact there is always something going on every day, every night and everywhere. I also looove the frequent flyer miles I’m clocking up now that I have the world on my doorstep – a massive perk when you’ve lived at the bottom of the globe for most of your life!

Follow Emma on Twitter @EmmaDeeNZ.

Ale Wilkinson

I’m Ale; I grew up being re-rooted from one country to the next and have always been happy to try new places and meet new people. One of these places was Hong Kong, so as soon as I graduated from university in England, I just had to come straight back out here and make Hong Kong my home. I have a real passion for writing and an even bigger passion for eating (I’m surprised I’m not the size of a house!) so I decided to combine the two and set up my own blog before joining the lovely team of girls at Sassy and also writing food reviews for them! Food, and subsequently writing about food, consumes most of my life, leaving the rest to my real job, meaning I have little time for anything else – but who’s complaining?!

Things I love about Hong Kong: Obviously the food! I love the wide selection of restaurants on offer, serving cuisines from all over the world, and I particularly love private kitchens. Other than this, I love the extremities of this incredible city: from super-high-rise buildings, to picturesque mountains, to bustling local markets, to idyllic beaches, to crazy nightlife. Why would you choose to be anywhere else?

Check out Ale’s blog The Dim Sum Diaries and follow her on Twitter @dimsumdiaries.

Charlotte Ingram

charlotte headshot

I’m Charlotte and I’m a born and bred Hong Konger – needless to say it’s my favorite place in the world! What’s not to love? No day is the same… there is always something going on!

Things I love about Hong Kong: Where do I start? I think my most favorite thing about HK is the variety. I can be sipping cocktails at Sevva one moment and chowing down on some dim sum at a dai pai dong the next (dressed to the nines, of course!) The markets, the people, the food, the shopping – the list is endless, but I think the diversity that Hong Kong offers trumps all of that. It really is unique!

Follow Charlotte on Twitter @ingramcharlotte.

Rachel Read

I grew up in Hong Kong, spent far too long getting educated in England (in Nottingham… or Shotts as it is “affectionately” known), finally returned for a holiday here after over a decade away and it just felt like home. I’m Eurasian and proud, my degree is in English and I can hold forth on why chick-lit is not to be taken lightly for over 12,000 words. I love nail polish, glossy over-produced pop music, bacon, Clueless and writing. Luckily, I get to do lots of the latter for Sassy! As you can see from the above photo, I’m not too hot on ironing though.

What I love about Hong Kong: the convenience of everything, the fantastic public transport, the smell of roast chestnuts from old man street hawkers, fresh seafood jumping out at you in the wet market, the air-conditioning, the epic shopping malls (and the sketchy secret ones too), the amazing food for every cuisine and price, the fact I can wander down to a 7-Eleven at midnight in my pyjamas and no-one bats an eyelid.

Check out Rach’s personal blog Through The Looking Glass or follow her on Twitter @rachttlg.

Natalie Robinson

Hi, I’m Natalie! I’m originally from London but decided in January 2009 that it was time for a change. Cue a girl who’s never been to Asia (let alone Hong Kong) rocking up at Chek Lap Kok with two suitcases, two phone numbers of vague acquaintances and a growing sense of dread…  but it turns out that all that worry was for nothing! A city where bars never close, taxis are cheaper than tomatoes and it’s perfectly possible to never have to iron or wash-up ever again… it transpires that Hong Kong is my spiritual home! I’m a lawyer by day and try to fit in blogging, writing and snapping away on my camera all the rest of the time. I love gin & tonics, very high heels, filling my passport with new stamps, and anything and everything fashion-related.

Favourite things about Hong Kong: Where to start… I love the frentic buzzy atmosphere, the fact that we have beaches and beautiful hiking trails minutes outside of the heart of the city, and that Hong Kong is a true mix of contrasts. It’s bright lights and a jaw-dropping skyline; it’s chopsticks and Chinese opera jumbled with cocktails and Louboutins; it’s crumbling colonial archways next to steel and glass skyscrapers all bundled up with bamboo scaffolding. There’s so much to see and do and eat and buy! In fact to misquote Samuel Johnson, “When a girl’s tired of Hong Kong, she’s tired of life!”

Check out Natalie’s blog 3 Bad Mice and follow her on Twitter @3BadMice.

Katie Kay

Hi! I’m Katie and four years ago I arrived in HK as one of those trailing spouses for the usual two year stint… and here we still are four years on and there’s no turning back! I love this place. When I arrived the recession was just about to set in so finding a job wasn’t looking good. Then, a couple of unexpected things happened. The most unexpected being a baby girl! After that, realising I could write and peeps were actually interested in reading what I wrote! Writing had never occurred to me as an option after a somewhat varied career from medical publishing to qualified lawyer to having my own jewellery business.  But now thanks to Sassy I get to write about my love of fashion and jewels. Often on a mission to hunt down that frivolous fashion item and always on the look out for fash for less cash.  It’s all about Instant Goddess glam…shortcuts to make you look and feel good.

What I love about Hong Kong: In one word what I love about Hong Kong is that it’s EASY. Far easier to live here than in the UK which makes me happier. Easier to get around and I achieve more here in a day than I could in London. Ok I miss my family, the one stop shop supermarkets and Sky plus but that’s about it. Oh and taxis are cheap! Yay!

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P.S. All our headshots were taken by the supremely talented Sabrina Sikora Photography!

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