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A day trip to Tai O – life by the water

I recently travelled out to Tai O, a well-known and loved fishing village on Lantau Island. Though the weather was a bit dreary when I went, I enjoyed my day out of Hong Kong’s hectic Central district.

Tai O offers the type of small village charm we are hard pressed to find in Hong Kong these days. Small houses that sit above the sea on stilts, countless dried seafood vendors and friendly locals mark the village.

Tai O’s traditional way of life is still very much in tact. Its streets are filled with pedestrians and its vendors and businesses sell locally made products. Its main source of income is still strongly tied to the sea. There is even a small, locally run heritage museum there located within a traditional Tai O home that offers a glimpse into the fishing village’s past.

I spent the day strolling around, enjoying the sights and eating way too much. I sampled a handmade sticky bun filled with red bean paste at a long-standing Tai O establishment and drank some locally brewed red tea. I also ate a ton of fried seafood. I wasn’t able to do much else there because of the bad weather but I imagine Tai O is lovely when the sun is shining.

I’d like to go back when the time is right to take a dolphin tour. Hong Kong’s fabled pink dolphins live out in those waters… maybe next time!

Getting there: If you wish to travel to Tai O, I suggest you get there by ferry. You can also take the MTR but the ferry route is faster and much more scenic. Take the ferry to Mui Wo from Central then hop on bus #1 to Tai O. If you do take the MTR, go to Tung Chung then take bus #11 to Tai O.

Jackie is a silly American girl who loves eating good food, travelling and studying people and their cultures. Check out her travel blog The Amateur Explorer or email her with freelance enquiries at

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