27 July, 2017

Empire Tailors: Customising Bespoke Tailored Suits

27 July, 2017

Have Empire Tailors design your man’s best suit ever


Hong Kong’s social scene is filled with galas and events that are so fancy our boyfriend’s everyday suits just won’t cut it. So rather than spend a day scouring the streets of HK, we headed to the tailoring professionals at Empire, who as professional Hong Kong Tailors, knew just what to do when faced with our dilemma.  With 35 years in the game and three generations in the business, the Asaf family at Empire Tailors has built up a solid reputation for putting out some serious suits. When they offered to give us an insight into how to get the best suit made for each occasion, we jumped at the chance. Here’s what we found:

Empire Tailors

Before we could even start, we had to choose our fabrics and get measured. We’ll get to the fabric selection in a minute, because fabric is key to a fine suit.  Empire suggested we first get the suit done in full canvas, because doing so gives the jacket better structure, shape and drape. Empire’s expert tip: This will assure the suit won’t be done without care; canvassed suits can’t be rushed, and tailors will need to do a couple more fittings.

Empire Tailors

Now about the fabric: we also knew that the fabric we chose would be paramount to the look and feel of the tailored suit. We can’t have our S.O. looking wrinkly at our friend’s wedding! So we looked to Italian textiles, as Italian fabrics are some of the world’s finest wools.Empire’s expert tip: Make sure the fabric you’re being shown is 100% wool, not a blend (especially if it’s a polyester mix!). Pure wool breathes well, is durable and is ideal for comfort.With its very own on-site workshop just below the shop, Empire Tailors sculpts some of the finest Italian wools to satisfy its very loyal, international customer base.  

Empire Tailors

Boys can be picky about how a suit feels, so keep in mind the weight. If you’re headed to a summer event, the last thing he’ll want is a thick wool suit. And because suiting comes in seasonal weights, it’s important you talk to your tailor about when and where he’ll be wearing the suit. Mark Asaf at Empire offers unparalleled style tips and trends to walk you through the endless options – everything from solids to checks, herringbone to hopsack. Empire’s expert tip: “All-season” wool can be worn year-round, Cool Wool can be for summer, and Flannel for winter. If you’re just starting your suit wardrobe, try and stay within the mid-weight category for year-round wear.

Empire Tailors 1

Also, just like a good set of sheets, thread count really does matter. You wouldn’t lie down on a scratchy pillowcase, so why put your man in a cheap jacket? Empire’s expert tip: It is important to remember that a higher thread count does not necessarily mean your suit will be more durable.

Once you’ve chosen the fabric, you will customise the style. This means anything from buttons, stitching, lining, lapels, padding and pleats. The Tom Ford style (slim fit, slim lapel, single vent, single breast, peak lapel suits) is the ideal option for a modern classic twist. Oh, and a top tip to deal with this city’s humidity – it’s a half-lined suit made with tropical wool.

Empire Tailors

Once all the details are decided on, measurements are taken and the tailor books in the fittings to work around your schedule. The final process can take anything from two to three weeks. Patience is key! Empire’s expert tip: A custom suit is made for each individual and designed to serve you and your particular needs.

Empire TailorsShop 6, G/F, 63 Moody Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2723 2673

Brought to you in partnership with Empire Tailors

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