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Soiree – The new place to go for Strawberry Daiquiris; and Sins, Chakras and Classics!

There is no denying that chocolate rimmed strawberry daiquiris in HK emanated at Feather Boa, but we must say the now well known “Soiree Sensations” drinks at Soiree are the winners. Soiree has just taken on a New York trained mixologist/Manager and introduced a new menu: besides the “Sensations” (fruity Martinis, and Daiquiris with decadent “lickable” chocolate rims), the menu allows you to commit one or more of “Seven Sins” (such as Greed and Gluttony), balanced by “Seven Chakras”, as well a selection from “Seven Classics” (you can, of course, also order other girl-approved drinks – try the “Blueberry Martini with Lemon Twist”, or the “Spiced Ginger Pineapple Martini” – we hear they are winners!).

Soiree, at 19 Elgin Street (lower end of Elgin), is a favorite for a laid back week night drink. It is perfect for a night out with the girls, or as a pre or post dinner drink with your guy (or for a “liquid dinner” if you are so inclined!). In addition to the sublime cocktails, the service is polite and attentive, and the ambience alluring – dark, sophisticated and intimate.

Soiree totally gets the need for girls’ nights out, so offers great deals on “Tuesday Ladies’ Nights” – including free Sensations on occasion from 6 – 9pm (amazing for such specialty drinks, and there is no skimping – they are the same drinks you would buy on other nights!); an excellent way to experience Soiree’s prided combination of cocktails, service and ambience. And somehow they have kept the men away on Tuesday nights and maintained a principally “ladies only” attendance – so please visit and help keep it this way!

Soiree is also a very suitable venue for parties: birthdays, hens parties etc or just regular ‘ol girls’ nights out.

Soiree, 19 lower Elgin Street, SoHo, 2857 2808 (The entry to lower elgin is opposite SoHo Junction).

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