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Sassy Supports: PacSafe Turtle Fund

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They say slow and steady wins the race, but it seems the world’s turtles will be reaching the finish line all too soon.

Turtles have a very low survival rate, with only 1% of laid eggs becoming turtles that reach sexual maturity. The human threat on top of that (pollution, long line fishing, etc) decreases their chance of survival even more. So it’s no surprise that four of the seven marine turtle species have landed on the IUCN Red list, due to their endangered or critically endangered status.


Areas all over the world need to work on conserving their turtle population, but Asia’s turtles in particular are more at threat due to the local customs or turtle eating, egg poaching, the lax pollution laws and low environmental awareness. Our own loggerhead and green turtles, native to Hong Kong’s waters, have now become endangered due to the destruction of their habitat, overhunting and egg collecting.

What is the PacSafe Turtle Fund?
This is where the PacSafe Turtle Fund springs into action! Launched in May 2014, they aim to donate funds annually to conserve the most endangered turtle species, in the hopes they can soon come off the IUCN red list.

The PacSafe Turtle Fund is the corporate social responsibility initiative of PacSafe, an anti-theft travel luggage brand. As the brand grows, so does the amount of money donated to the fund. The ultimate goal is for the fund to grow into a foundation in the next couple of years, so other generous people can donate money and time towards sea turtle conservation.


What are the main aims and goals of the organisation?
The PacSafe Turtle Fund is committed to achieving a world with healthy oceans and coastlines, where all turtles can flourish in a safe environment. To reach this goal, PacSafe will work alongside locally based experts on turtle conservation projects, and increase awareness on the potential extinction of sea turtles. They aim to give back to the global community by preserving these amazing species… our seas just wouldn’t be the same without the presence of these cute reptiles!


What can we do to help?
So how can you help? One of the best ways to raise awareness on an issue nowadays is through social networking! Give PacSafe’s Facebook page a like and share their updates to build up support for the company’s marine conservation actions. By purchasing PacSafe projects you also contribute to the fund, as a proportion of PacSafe’s profits will be fed into their turtle conservation projects. As the PacSafe turtle fund becomes a foundation, people will be able to directly contribute through donations or hands-on volunteering! Keep an eye on their Facebook page or website for updates!

Let’s hope PacSafe’s eco-friendly actions inspire other business to do their part for global conservation!

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