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Sassy Scoop: No-brainer baby shower gifts from Tiny Bitz

Know a new mama or mama-to-be and having a total brain freeze as to what to buy her? Well, cool new homegrown company Tiny Bitz may have the answer!

Forget last-minute panicked trips to the Early Learning Centre and let Tiny Bitz do all the hard work for you! Their no-brainer baby shower gifts are super cute and practical to boot – we’re loving the signature Growing Kits, which includes three different sizes of clothing (one for newborns, one for 3-6 months and one for 6-12 months) that can even be customised for the time of year the baby was born in (so the first piece will be a long-sleeved onesie for babies born in winter and short-sleeved ones for babies born in summer). Every design is made from their own weave of 100% natural cotton – perfectly soft and breathable for baby’s skin – and comes in a lovely unisex signature Tiny Dots print.

Even better – the gift sets come in beautifully presented reusable packaging, so you don’t even need to buy wrapping paper! And the Tiny Bitz website delivers the goods straight to wherever they need to be – your home, your friend’s home or even the hospital (definite BFF brownie points, right?!) – and delivery is free in Hong Kong too. Check out their website to see all sets on offer… and get ready for a serious case of ‘Awww…’ when you see how adorable everything is!

Flexible, convenient and growth spurt-proof – just how we like it! We just wish all gift giving was this easy!


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