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Sassy Sale Deal: 70% off a 90-minute LUXUS Bliss Spa Treatment from LUXUS Beauty


Here’s another sweet deal we know you’ll go crazy for at a fantastic spa in the heart of Central! Indulge in a luxurious 30-minute deep tissue massage and a 60-minute facial of your choice from LUXUS Beauty for only $388! This pampering package normally costs $1,480 but Sassy Girls can purchase it for over 70% off, talk about a deal and a steal!

The deep tissue massage will eliminate any aches and pains you suffer from, and the tailor-made facial will improve your skin leaving it luminous and smooth. We’re suckers for savings at Sassy and this is definitely one Sassy Sale we’ll be indulging in, guilt free!

You Pay: $388
You Save: Over 70% (original price $1,480)


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