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Sassy Sale Deal: 50% off a Transformation Facial and Presor Therapy Session at Glow with Ceri Silk


Skin looking a bit dreary? Legs feeling leaden? In need of a little beauty pick me up?


We all need a little helping hand in the beauty department from time to time, and a Glow Transformation Facial and Presor Therapy Session can have you totally rejuvenated by the time you step back out onto the streets of Central. In just an hour, Ceri Silk‘s team of professionally qualified therapists can totally transform your skin, but at the same time arm you with all the knowledge you need to keep up the good work at home.


The Transformation Facial is individually customised to each person, and is combined with a simultaneous session of lifting and energising Presor Therapy for your lower body. Want to know more? Click here to find out all the deets!

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