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Sassy Sale Deal: $100 for $200 worth of pet essentials from Pet Project.HK

We’re huge pet lovers at Sassy… but how many times have we complained about having to drag heavy bags of food back from the pet store, or forgotten to stock up on various essentials and had to do a last-minute dash for that heartworm medicine? Well, we have the perfect solution – PetProject.HK, a fantastic local website that has everything you need for your pet all under one (virtual!) roof… and they’ll deliver it straight to your door too!

PetProject.HK stocks the best pet food brands (like Wellness, Hills, Orijen and Royal Canin), absolutely all the vital essentials you need (from flea and heartworm treatments to shampoo, grooming brushes, and eye and eardrops) and some great practical accessories too (we’re loving the collapsible water bowls, ideal for trips out and about). They deliver everywhere in HK, all within 2-4 days from ordering and with no-hassle returns or exchanges included too.

So if you’re a super-busy pet owner (like our gorgeous That Girl Cara and her adorable dog Roxy!), you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this great deal and stock up on everything you need to keep your furry friends happy, healthy and hassle-free!



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