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I recently met a beautiful 4 year old girl named Ava Grace. I met her at a nail salon and she wasn’t just patiently waiting for her mom’s nails to dry – she was getting her very first pedicure! While we were all pampering ourselves I talked to Ava’s mom, who is a very Sassy by the way, and found out that Ava is quite a Sassy young girl herself. I found out that Ava Grace is in love with all things girly (aren’t we all!) and she just won’t settle for a plain old t-shirt and jeans. She loves anything pink and can’t live without her dresses that swirl. Imagine Ava’s disappointment when she found out she had to wear a uniform to school this year (Ava is in K4 at Hong Kong Academy). A basic polo shirt and blue skirt just wouldn’t cut it for the lovely Ava – she jazzed her uniform up and put her own individual touch to it. I love the multi colored butterfly leggings and pink socks (both from H&M) that Ava paired with her school uniform to give it a little touch of her own personal style.

I think we all can learn something from Ava. Sometimes there are things we just have to wear such as a suit for work or a demure cocktail dress for a sophisticated party but it is up to us to make it our own with accessories that make us stand out in a crowd and show our own individual style!
I want to wish Ava good luck in school this year. In my mind she already has an A+ in the style department!
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