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Sassy Beauty 101: Emergency DIY Spot Treatment

So you’re all ready to go out for a night on the town and you have your best dresses laid out on the bed. You look in the mirror and – gasp – is that Mount Etna about to erupt?!

If your skin has a tendency to misbehave just when you need it to look its best, never fret, here is a quick fix remedy to calm that angry spot.

1. Dig out that aspirin. Ideally it should be the water-soluble kind and without a coating. If it needs to be crushed, then make sure it resembles powder by the time you’re done with it.

2. Add a few drops of water on to the aspirin, and watch it soften without dissolving entirely.

3. Apply only where there is redness on your skin. Aspirin is anti-inflammatory and works just as well as a topical treatment.

4. Wash with cold water after 5 minutes. Your spot won’t have disappeared – there is no magic solution here I’m afraid – but at least it will appear less red and angry, therefore less likely to overshadow your mood.

5. Apply concealer with a concealer brush, then pat down with clean fingers. I like Clé de Peau’s version, followed by a generous dusting of loose powder.

At least the Facebook photos shouldn’t be too embarrassing now! Happy partying!


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