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Sake Saturdays at Zuma

One of our favourite restaurants for a real treat is Zuma in the Landmark – sleek decor, a relaxing ambience and a fab bar added to the totally amazing food make this a great place for a date or a special dinner with friends. Considering the amount of sake it’s possible to drink at one sitting (those little cups are soooo misleading, no?), we sometimes prepare ourselves for a nasty shock when we get the bill! That’s why we’re excited for the launch of Sake Saturdays – priced at HK$490 per person, the deal includes 18 izakaya style dishes served fresh from the grill and open kitchen to complement the sakes being served. You can also (though why would you?) take the izakaya experience without sake at HK$450 per person. The term ‘Izakaya’ originates from sake shops, and is a style of eating that is designed to accompany drinking, a little like Tapas in Spanish culture.

Kicking off ‘Sake Saturdays’ this Saturday 27th February, you can try sake from the famous Nanbu Bijin brewery from Iwate. Sake Saturdays run from 12pm to 3pm – perfect for a late lunch that could lead into a big evening! You’re sure to be a little wobbly on your way home!

For reservations, call 3657 6388

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