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New Members Club Hyde Opens on Lyndhurst Terrace

It’s all change and musical chairs right now in the Hong Kong nightlife scene. We’re saying goodbye to M1NT (but looking forward to discovering their new concept) and welcoming new hot spots Lily and Bloom to LKF Tower. We’re sadly waving goodbye to FINDS as they head off to their new TST location and looking forward to seeing if the burgers really will be as good as promised at the new Hardrock Cafe which will be taking over from The Cavern and The Hong Kong Brewhouse in LKF. One new entry to the scene that had their soft opening last week is new private members club, Hyde, which occupies a great position on Lyndhurst Terrace (in the same building as Tandoor).

Hyde’s swanky twelve thousand foot space is spread over two floors, each with a totally different vibe. There’s the upstairs sprawling lounge area¬† (top image) complete with three little terraces for al fresco drinks and three pool tables, and then the downstairs nightclub (above) which has a super-cool industrial feel. The Lounge definitely has the potential to be the ultimate early evening hangout – all reclaimed wood, luxurious leather and opulent floral inspired sky garden lamps. The decor suggests a soft masculinity, but this¬† isn’t a boys club – you’d feel just as comfortable sipping wine with the girls as you would shooting pool with the guys. It’s also not all about drinking – there should be a new menu introduced soon, as well as the possibility that the Lounge will be open for lunch at the weekends.

Some Hong Kong “private members” clubs can be a real swizz, but we actually think that membership at Hyde represents good value, as the annual HK$18,000 membership fee is fully redeemable against spending on food and beverages, a welcome bottle of Moet & Chandon, and another bottle of champers to be enjoyed during your birthday month. If Hyde is as successful as we think it might be, you’ll probably want to get in early to book your membership!

Check out Hyde during their Happy Hour which is from 6-9pm on both floors. You might want to give a call ahead on 2850 6283 just to check you’ll be able to get in. The official opening date is 9th September.

Hyde, 2/F & 3/F Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, 2850 6283

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