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My Favourite Winter Garment: Boots

Right now I’m in hot and humid Miami, Florida.  I’ve been here since mid December, so unfortunately I haven’t really gotten the chance to experience the cold weather like you all in Hong Kong.  I’m actually jealous that I don’t get to pull out a winter wardrobe filled with colourful scarves, big comfy over sized sweaters and preppy blazers.  To be honest, I’ve never really lived anywhere that has a seasonal climate….Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix….HOT!

As I daydream from Miami about cooler temperatures I can’t help but think of what I consider a winter wardrobe must-have…a great pair of neutral or black leather boots. The type that fit snug against your calves and rise to just beneath your knees.  The size of the heel doesn’t matter with these boots, you can go for super high or totally flat.  Whatever you decide I just find that knee high boots can really add some spice to any winter outfit and of course assist in keeping you warm!  Might I add that they are also so incredibly versatile and look great with skirts, dresses and jeans. This allows you to extend the use of your summer wardrobe.

During the day I would wear a pair of  fitted jeans tucked into the boots with either a cozy sweater or for a more polished look with a blazer (think Ralph Lauren). An easy look that I would definitely feel comfortable in treking through the city.

For a night on the town you could definitely have fun by putting a pair of high heeled boots with a mini or sweater dress.

I will be in Florida until mid February.  Chances are I won’t get to bundle up while I’m here.  The great thing about the boots though is that I can get away with wearing them here in Miami!
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