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MobArt presents 30+ Children at Pop Bites

MobArt’s latest gallery exhibition brings us back to a time when we were young and dreamed of being adults. As a young girl I thought my mother was so glamorous and I jumped at every chance I had to rummage through her makeup and jewelry collections to play “grown up” make believe. Now that I am an adult there are tons of days I just dream of being a little kid again and would give anything on certain days to travel back in time and be a young carefree little girl again.

Artist Tim Cheng’s remembers this very same feeling and his solo exhibition titled 30+ Children will be featured at Pop Bites (a huge Sassy favourite!) starting 30 September until 4 November. The goal of his pieces is to bring us back to those good memories we had as children longing to become adults and remind us that what we have longed for has finally come true so we should treasure all the fun adult times we are having now and enjoy every moment of it.

The opening reception is on Thursday so if you are around you should definitely stop by Pop Bites to check it out. RSVP to or if you can’t make the opening reception then you should definitely plan on lunch or coffee at Pop Bites during the exhibition dates to see Tim’s work in person.

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