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MICHAEL by Michael Kors – Charlton Bag

I am slowly beginning to realize that I am drawn to Michael Kors as a designer. One of my favourite pairs of black heels in my closet is made by him and I seem to be eyeing up more and more of his accessories and clothes in magazines and on the racks of department stores.

So, since I have officially decided that I want a cross body bag I decided to take a look at what Mr. Kors had to offer. The reason for wanting one is not just because they look so effortlessly cool and stylish (which they do) but because I never ever seem to know what type of handbag to bring on holiday with me. I have tons of big bags and clutches that could pretty much fit any occasion but one thing that is lacking is a bag that doesn’t seem too out of place when I am sightseeing in areas where I need to keep a close eye on my belongings (ex: cash, camera, passport etc…). A cross body bag seems to fit the bill quite well and I am well aware that buying one doesn’t mean that it leaves me completely off the hook from letting my caution down. I am really liking the Charlton cross body bag from the MICHAEL by Michael Kors line. At $1,000HKD (approx) it is not as pricey as some of the other handbags that wait at my home to be used so I may need to make some space for this pretty little beauty.

There is no denying that I absolutely love wearing black but when I go on holiday to places somewhere other then a big city I sometimes can’t believe how little colour I have in my life. With one of these pretties (I prefer the turquoise on myself) I can pack as many neutrals as I want and let the Charlton be the colour pop and the security that I am looking for.

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