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Make your Phone Festive!

iphone wallpaperI love to customize EVERYTHING – I’m always trying to find ways to make the impersonal a little bit more personal, and for things to feel like they really belong to me and no one else. For that reason I obsessively change the desktop wallpaper on my computer to reflect my mood – nothing makes me happier than switching up what I look at each day. I never even knew I could do that with my iPhone too, but now I have a feeling that will be my new addiction. With this range of festive iphone wallpapers from a New York photographer, you can get that Christmas feeling all day.

Right click on the design you like and save to your iPhoto library, then create a new Album called iPhone (for example), then synch your phone to put this album on your phone, and then just select the image you want to display. Obviously this only works for Macs and iPhones, but I don’t think it should be too much more fiddly for PCs. I’ve chosen this one!

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