24 August, 2015
Eat & Drink

Experience a “Russian Royale” Afternoon Tea with premium Kusmi Tea at the W Hong Kong’s Woobar

24 August, 2015

We try Kusmi’s Russian Tea Collection at the W


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Afternoon Tea is dainty sandwiches, scones and clotted cream. But for “Afternoon T” at the W Hong Kong, think more along the lines of vodka, Russian king crab and white caviar cupcakes! Yep, the W hotel’s whimsical Woobar (a favourite Sassy hangouthas introduced a new Afternoon T set and Afternoon T Buffet to give you a little taste of Russia…

Spend the afternoon in the high-ceilinged Woobar tucking into Russian treats and taking in the magical atmosphere. Towering steel tea stands give it a contemporary feel but the bright colours and light hangings create a funky and fun environment. It’s the perfect place to spend afternoon catching up with your girlfriends over some tea and cake!


The Russian Royale Afternoon ‘T’ Set is in collaboration with premium branded Kusmi Teas. Kusmi Tea produces a variety of their own blends as well as classic teas that we all know and love which all come in stylish, multicoloured packaging. We’re big fans of Kusmi tea here at Sassy, so we were excited to try the new Russian Tea collection and the Russian inspired treats to go with it! From August, with any Afternoon T Buffet or Afternoon T Set at Woobar you’ll be able to try two out of five in the Russian Tea collection to accompany the delicious spread of food. Have a choice of the Anastasia, Russian Morning N.24, St Petersburg, Prince Vladimir or their Healthy Tea Detox!

kusmi afternoon tea w hong kong 1

The Anastasia tea, one of their oldest and most iconic recipes, is a blend of black teas, bergamot, lemon and orange blossom. This tea has a citrus, fruity flavour that’s definitely refreshing in the hot and humid Hong Kong climes. The Detox tea is also one to try, and I found it extremely easy to drink due to the subtle blend of mate, green tea and lemongrass. Plus the added health benefits will let you indulge in an (almost!) guilt-free buffet, as the tea supposedly helps to remove toxins, lower stress levels and even give your skin a summery glow.


Chef Alain Alaire’s contemporary twist on traditional Russian tidbits is what makes this Afternoon T special. Until 31 October, you have the opportunity to try over 10 new types of desserts! One of the standouts has to be the beautiful Russian Doll cookie with a creamy white chocolate ladyfinger carefully handcrafted by the W pastry chefs. Another fun element was a twist on a Russian ponchiki doughnut; golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the classic treat is served on a lollipop stick. Apart from the sweets, the savouries added even more flavour to the set.

kusmi afternoon tea - Russian Potato Salad
Chef Alain produced a pickled green tomato and Russian king crab stuffed wafer, which was fresh and light as well as easy to eat in this ‘ice-cream’ style cone. Other favourites are the Russian napoleon honey cake, white caviar and vodka cupcake and the Russian classic pitchye moloko cake.


This Russian Royale experience is definitely worth a trip across the harbour! Woobar is an exciting setting itself, but paired with creative food and a chance to try Paris’ Kusmi Teas makes it even more tempting… I would definitely recommend grabbing your girls and a window side table to taste a one of a kind ‘T’ set. You’ll get to sip some of the most premium teas around and enjoy the gorgeous view from Kowloon side.

WOOBAR Afternoon T Set, $418 +10% for two, Monday-Friday, 2.30-6pm.

WOOBAR Afternoon T Buffet, $268+10% per adults, $134 +10% per child under 12, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 2-4pm and 4.30-6.30pm. 

WOOBAR, 6/F, The W Hotel, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, www.w-hongkong.com/en/woobar, email [email protected] or call 3717 2889 for reservations.



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