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It’s FINDS but not as we know it!

When FINDS moved out of LKF we at Sassy shed a little tear… where would be our go-to cocktail bar for a little dose of affordable sophistication and delicious Finn fries? When we found out that it would be resurrected in TST that initially seemed almost as bad as having completely died a death… after all, what’s worse than knowing that a great bar will be just out of reach on (whisper it) the DARK SIDE?

But in recent times we’ve grown a little more adventurous and the Luxe Manor, Hong Kong’s coolest boutique hotel and home of the new FINDS suddenly doesn’t seem so far away, especially now the fabulous James Gannaban has sent us these tantalizing photos of the new interior. Gone are the cool, icy tones of yesteryear to be replaced by a sunny, Swedish-retro, seventies vibe.

We’re loving the look of all the pale wood and curvy lines, and just because we aren’t used to getting on the MTR for a cocktail doesn’t mean we don’t intend to be frequent visitors. We’ll see you there!

FINDS 1/F, The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberly Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
2522 9318

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