12 June, 2014
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Healing – the Chinese way! We try out cupping at Oriental Health, Hong Kong

12 June, 2014
Even though I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 12 years and I have an official Chinese name (that actually means broccoli… don’t question it!), I’ve never actually tried Chinese medicine or any sort of Chinese therapy. So when the opportunity came along to try out this alternative method of healing at Oriental Health, a holistic Chinese Medicine Clinic, I couldn’t say no.

I started off my session with an introduction to the philosophy behind Chinese medicine. They explained how yin and yang should be balanced in the body to bring out inner strength and how important Qi, or ‘flow’ is in Chinese medicine.

I then moved onto my consultation at Oriental Health, which involved a ten-minute health questionnaire. It had a range of questions, which really make you think about how well you know yourself… I was truly stuck on one of the questions, which asked whether my legs got colder than my hands!

This is then followed by a consultation with the Chinese doctor, who asked more specific questions. Based on his consultation, he then suggested one of the Chinese therapies that were on offer. From acupuncture and cupping (favoured by many celebrities), to a Tui Na Massage (this is nothing like your average aromatherapy massage!), there were a number of treatments for him to choose from. Based on my consultation, and in order to remove the toxins from my body and help with the flow of my Qi, I was recommended to try to the cupping therapy.

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Having tried a few therapies to help with my cold allergies, cupping was definitely the most unique of them all! It works on the concept of creating a suction to remove the toxins, with the cup being heated up with herbs before being placed on your back. It felt like I had a vacuum suction on my back and it definitely left me feeling slightly toxin-free and more balanced.

There are several stories about how Chinese Medicine, which takes a more holistic approach, has managed to cure illness, while Western medicine is still trying to catch up. These stories, and knowing the benefits of Chinese Medicine, made me keen to try another therapy apart from cupping, but I still need to get my taste buds around Chinese medicinal teas, which are definitely an acquired taste!

A consultation with the doctors range from $380 – $580, and depending on their suggested treatments, the prices for acupuncture, cupping and Tui Na Massage range from $250 to $380.

Oriental Health, 18/F, Shum Tower, 268 Des Vouex Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2516 9866, www.orientalhealth.com.hk


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