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You’re Invited: Sassy Talks Business at Garage Society!

Here in Hong Kong we’re lucky to be surrounded by people who have set up their own businesses, followed their dreams and started their own projects. It’s hard not to be inspired when you’re living in a place that has such an entrepreneurial … read more


For Your Diary: What’s On In Hong Kong For March

March is shaping up to be a hot month for events this year, Sassy readers! There’s plenty on offer, including art fairs galore, live music acts, theatre and more. Have a read of what’s going on below – and make sure you get to the end as you … read more

SHK-DCG-Kong Coffee

Sassy gets a buzz at Kong Coffee Consulting’s Intro to Coffee Tasting workshop

I think it’s safe to say we’re treated well at Sassy HQ! Wine tastings, press previews, mani/pedis… yep, it’s a good life! So when we went to check out the intro to a coffee tasting workshop by Courtney at Kong Coffee Consulting the morning … read more


Sassy’s Guide to Cheung Chau 2015

This small island nestled between Lamma and Lantau tops both my “places to take tourists” and “spots to hide from the world on a lazy Sunday” lists. The combination of fishermen’s village and beach town is less than an hour by boat from … read more


The Asia Contemporary Art Show is back in town and it’s bigger and better than ever!

‘Tis the season for… the art fairs! Yes, March is the month of creativity and we’re blessed to have several amazing art fairs gracing our city. Although we can’t wait to check them all out, we have to admit that we’re looking forward to … read more


Moving to Hong Kong – Top Ten Survival Tips

Welcome! You've arrived, navigated immigration, found your temporary accommodation (no doubt smaller than expected), unpacked your bags and are ready to show HK what you're made of. But there are a few hitches; you have zero contacts in your phone, … read more


Sassy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day on a budget – unique and cheap Hong Kong date ideas

Want to get all lovely dovey on Valentine’s Day, but don’t quite have the spending power to splurge? Never fear, we’ve thought of some brilliant alternative date ideas to get you inspired! If you need proof that you don’t have to drain … read more


You’re Invited: Get Sassy & Spicy at our Organic Cooking Workshops!

Whether you’re a culinary goddess (hello Nigella Lawson!) or a simple beginner looking to learn some new skills, our Sassy Organic Cooking Workshops at SpiceBox Organics are perfect if you’re keen to get in the kitchen! That’s right, we’ve … read more


For Your Diary: What’s On In Hong Kong for February

It's February, the month of lurrrve! But if you're not romantically inclined, there's plenty happening around town this month, from art and live music to spoken word events. Last month was heaving with international live music acts, but this month is … read more


Sassy’s Anti-New Year’s Resolutions

Last week at 'Beers for Books' (in support of the awesome charity Room to Read), I came across a Sassy boy. You better believe it - there are actually a lot of gorgeous guys who read Sassy. This particular Sassy señor admitted to me that he loved … read more

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