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Raw Cooking Class at The Mixing Bowl!

A raw cooking class sounds as oxymoronic as a pencil-free drawing lesson or a land-based swimming course, so when I heard about the Raw Comfort Food class at The Mixing Bowl, I had to check see what healthy junk food looked like. Raw food is up … read more

the healing kingdom

We Get Our Fortunes Read with Tarot Cards at The Healing Kingdom

Let me begin by saying that I'm not usually one to leaf through magazines for my horoscope or to doodle star signs into the margins of my notebooks. Fate? Divine providence? A chance meeting with a dark, handsome stranger? Yeah, not for me. However, … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy’s Sunset Rosé Revolution

The weather’s getting warmer and that means one thing – junk season is right around the corner! Yep, it’s time to don your favourite teeny weeny polkadot bikini and get ready to set sail on your first boating experience of the year with our … read more


For Your Diary: What’s On In Hong Kong For May

Is it spring? Is it summer? Whatever it is, we've hit Hong Kong's famous wall of humidity which is so sticky, it's making my hair stand on end (literally!). Everything's coming up roses though, as there's a whole host of indoor fun this month to … read more


Sassy’s Guide to the Flower Market!

Fresh flowers are definitely one of my essential luxuries. If you, like me, baulk at the price of commercial florists and are worried about being put on the neighbourhood watch list for stealing flowers (again) from your local park, why not pop down … read more


You’re Invited: Join a Sassy Mother’s Day Celebration at Lladró!

Ask anyone in the Sassy office which woman they admire the most and along with the likes of Maya Angelou, Marie Curie and Amelia Earhart (amongst many other kick-ass ladies!) you won’t be surprised to hear most people mention their mum. Yep, our … read more


DIY Rescue! How to save a Failed Cake

If you're a fan of the Great British Bake Off, then you might be inclined have a go at the whole baking game yourself. Playing with delicious ingredients and creating your own yummy treats is a great way to unwind, spend time doing some productive … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy Social Dinner at Pomegranate Kitchen

We know how much you all love wining and dining, so what better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a Mediterranean-inspired feast at Pomegranate Kitchen? That’s right, you’re invited to our very special Sassy Social Dinner at this … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy x Living Alive’s Wellness Walk

There’s no denying how much we love Hong Kong life, but the fast-paced lifestyle of booze-fuelled events and lavish dinners can take its toll. If you’re sick of feeling sluggish and unhealthy, then we’ve got the perfect event that will have you … read more


You’re Invited: Ladies Night Out at Nine West

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, it can be hard to find time to squeeze in a bit of retail therapy. But sometimes you just need to put a shopping date in the diary and there's no better time for that than at Ladies Night Out at Nine … read more

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