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You’re Invited: Sassy Talks Diamonds!

We all know the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but how much do we really know about diamonds? It’s not everyday that you buy a diamond, and if you’re considering taking the plunge then there are some need-to-know facts that … read more


You’re Invited: Join a Sassy Mother’s Day Celebration at Lladró!

Ask anyone in the Sassy office which woman they admire the most and along with the likes of Maya Angelou, Marie Curie and Amelia Earhart (amongst many other kick-ass ladies!) you won’t be surprised to hear most people mention their mum. Yep, our … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy Social Dinner at Pomegranate Kitchen

We know how much you all love wining and dining, so what better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a Mediterranean-inspired feast at Pomegranate Kitchen? That’s right, you’re invited to our very special Sassy Social Dinner at this … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy x Living Alive’s Wellness Walk

There’s no denying how much we love Hong Kong life, but the fast-paced lifestyle of booze-fuelled events and lavish dinners can take its toll. If you’re sick of feeling sluggish and unhealthy, then we’ve got the perfect event that will have you … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy x GameMasters present “Race to the Holy Grail”

If you’re a fan of The Amazing Race or if you just love a good scavenger hunt, then this is the event for you! For all you adventurous types, we’ve teamed up with Hong Kong’s very own GameMasters to create a special kind of treasure hunt: Sassy … read more


You’re Invited: Sassy Talks Business at Garage Society!

Here in Hong Kong we’re lucky to be surrounded by people who have set up their own businesses, followed their dreams and started their own projects. It’s hard not to be inspired when you’re living in a place that has such an entrepreneurial … read more

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Want to join Team Sassy? We are offering a fabulous internship for someone to join our team! There are so many ways that we are trying to grow the Sassy Media Group websites and we would love to offer someone a chance to work alongside … read more


You’re Invited: A Night of Sassy Fitness, Food & Fun with Studio Fitness, Sesame Kitchen, Sohofama and Locofama

If you didn’t manage to stick to your New Year’s resolutions in January, then you’re in luck! The Year of the Sheep gives us lucky Hong Kongers the chance to start over…. Again. Looking to try something new? Fancy a night out that doesn’t … read more


You’re Invited: Get Sassy & Spicy at our Organic Cooking Workshops!

Whether you’re a culinary goddess (hello Nigella Lawson!) or a simple beginner looking to learn some new skills, our Sassy Organic Cooking Workshops at SpiceBox Organics are perfect if you’re keen to get in the kitchen! That’s right, we’ve … read more


You’re invited: Sassy’s Personal Branding & Networking Event!

One of the many reasons we love living in Hong Kong is that we’re surrounded by inspirational, go-getting women (just check out our That Girls and Super Stylers!). If you’re keen to climb the career ladder, then you’ve got to check out our … read more

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