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Sassy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day on a budget – unique and cheap Hong Kong date ideas

Want to get all lovely dovey on Valentine’s Day, but don’t quite have the spending power to splurge? Never fear, we’ve thought of some brilliant alternative date ideas to get you inspired! If you need proof that you don’t have to drain … read more

dating game syrup dcg

The Dating Game: #embarrassing

So we bring you the second instalment of Ms Sassy’s (s)exploits in the dating world. No, I'll admit I'm not into sleeping with someone on the first date. So I didn’t sleep with my Tinder date. Yes, I had a Tinder date. Let me begin at the … read more

alternative christmas dcg

The Alternative Hong Kong Christmas guide – do’s and don’ts!

Ho ho hello! So you clicked on a Christmas article, which means one of many things. You're looking for where to buy a turkey, or if you're oven deprived (who isn’t!), you're looking for somewhere that's open on Christmas day for traditional … read more

Made In Movember - Hong Kong to use dcg

Sassy Supports: Movember Hong Kong

Some girls love them, some just tolerate them, others can’t stand them. But when they’re serving a purpose to change the face of men’s health, we hope everyone can embrace them. What are we talking about? The moustaches that grow as a result of … read more


Sassy Supports: Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund

Cancer is something that touches all of our lives, whether directly or through those that we know. When it comes to the ladies we love in our lives, breast cancer is an unfortunate reality as one of the leading cancers in Hong Kong women, with a … read more

sassy supports turtle fund dcg

Sassy Supports: PacSafe Turtle Fund

They say slow and steady wins the race, but it seems the world’s turtles will be reaching the finish line all too soon. Turtles have a very low survival rate, with only 1% of laid eggs becoming turtles that reach sexual maturity. The human … read more

DCG leaving hk

Leaving Hong Kong – thoughts on saying goodbye to this great city

As Winnie the Pooh once said, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". Choosing to leave Hong Kong has been an emotional roller-coaster. Over the past 6 months I have found myself hating things like the pollution and … read more

SHK - sassy supports dog rescue

Sassy Supports: Hong Kong Dog Rescue – find some puppy love!

Hong Kong can be hectic at the best of times. Long working hours, action packed social calendars, quick weekend getaways and fitness classes galore are pretty much the norm for most city dwellers here. What we lack in space we make up for in energy, … read more

sassy supports dcg

Sassy Supports: Plastic Free Seas

We Sassy girls are a conscientious lot. We try to do our best to recycle and reduce our waste. Given how quickly the landfills in our lovely, but highly consumerist city are reaching capacity, and with a lack of large scale, local recycling … read more


Sassy Gold Coast Goes Live!

Life has gotten a little busier at Sassy HQ recently and we’ve been bottling up some really big news that we’re so happy to finally share with you! So without further ado… drumroll please… we’re delighted to announce that Sassy Gold Coast … read more

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