18 May, 2010
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Applegreen: Great Salad in Causeway Bay

18 May, 2010

As I am on a permanent quest to find good salad destinations in Hong Kong, I was absolutely delighted to discover Applegreen. It is a “California-style” eatery hidden in an anonymous-looking building just opposite the taxi-rank at Times Square, with a fantastic range of imaginative and tasty salads offering something beyond the usual Caesar/Nicoise options.

When you push the elevator button in what looks basically like an office block, the last thing you expect is for the doors to open and reveal the clean, minimalist space that is Applegreen. Pale woods with red accents work to create a basic but effective dining area which narrowly avoids coming across as a bland canteen as it always seems to be pleasantly busy, no matter what night of the week it is (although saying that, I have always managed to secure a table without booking). Added to this, the service is excellent – attentive without being irritating, staff attend to the buzzing restaurant without flapping or ignoring customers.

And while the Applegreen menu extends beyond salad to pasta and meat dishes (plus some very tasty appetizers and desserts, which definitely tarnish the I’ve-had-a-salad-halo) even my neanderthal companion looks forward to a visit to this restaurant, and will by-pass the rib-eye steaks and pork chops on the menu in favour of the seared Tataki Tuna salad with avocados and wasabi vinagrette.

Strangely the salads also come served with a slice of banana bread..I have not quite figured out the thinking behind that one, but have put it down to a nice little Applegreen quirk. Servings are also pretty huge, so if you do manage to make it past a hearty salad and banana bread to the delights on the dessert menu, you’re really doing pretty well..and besides, you can always reason that it’s nothing a few after-supper laps of Lane Crawford across the street won’t cure.

Applegreen 2/F Plaza 2000, No. 2& 4 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 23681263

8 thoughts on “Applegreen: Great Salad in Causeway Bay

  1. Hmmm Applegreens must have changed a lot since I was there. I went there shortly after it opened and the place was deserted. I was shown to a seat beside a big plate glass window so that not only the waitress at the reception could stare at me but anyone entering the place could also. What bothered me the most though, was the incessant attentions from the waitress, she kept walking back and forth, back and forth like she was in a hospital anxiously awaiting the birth of a baby. I really don’t like that so I complained to the manager, kind soul who listened to me and took a sincere interest in my comments. She even gave me the meal for free after I requested to be moved to a more visible location to avoid the back and forth, back and forth.
    She invited me back once they got off the ground but to be honest, that first experience did me.
    Glad to see the service has changed and you had an enjoyable time 🙂

  2. I went to Applegreen after reading this blog. I agree its a good destination, probably one of the best in Hong Kong. The ambience was good and the waitstaff was perfectly friendly without being overbearing.
    However, if you are from California, like me, you’ll still feel disappointed. The salads are 95% lettuce, 5% other ingredients. The combo options are a bit strange. And there’s very little flexibility to change up the salad.
    This is definitely not a good place for gluten-free peeps either – salad dressing challenged.

  3. Thanks for the details Gina – really appreciate you giving your feedback on Applegreen. I have to say, when it comes to salad, I’m all about all the ingredients OTHER than lettuce so I definitely agree with your point! 😉

  4. Having been to Applegreen regularly of late due to the great variety of salads and what I view as a busy, bustling restaurant with loads of character and ambience, I only have good things to say. I thought the waiting staff were very attentive and if that is viewed as annoying getting top grade service I suggest you stick to Macdonalds where you are guaranteed same service nothing more everytime. I am sure that it is not everyones cup of tea having waiters looking after your every whim but it certainly is mine. The Tuna Tataki salad is a winner as is the southern chicken…I really enjoyed these as they were good portions and tasty and as my favourite pudding in the world the random slice of banana bread on the side is a welcome addition. aS FOR THE CRISPY SPICY CHICKEN STARTERS…WOW TASTY STUFF AGAIN!


  5. We spent a most enjoyable evening, pleasant surroundings, excellent food and good service. Highly recommended.

  6. Awful.
    I came here on the strength of this review and it is a terrible place.
    The decor is akin to a mscdonalds ‘restaurant’ and the food not much better.
    I had a Mexican salad which ended up being a glass full of tinned tomatoes, scant pieces of guacamole and defrosted prawns. My partner had mushroom salad. Albeit tasty mushrooms, it only had chopped lettuce and balsamic dressing.
    Simple food, made badly, in a terrible setting.
    $210 for the privalege.
    Never again. Please revise this review and don’t call ahead next time.

  7. I really enjoyed Applegreen – the ambience, the food (their guacamole is gorgeous, the banana bread random but delicious to nam but two things) and especially the service, which is some of the most attentive in HK without being overbearing. And the price for this kind of food in HK is pretty reasonable!

  8. Great recommendation, found your blog this morning and came for lunch. Great choice of simple dishes and friendly service.

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