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How did Sassy start?
Sassy Hong Kong was born in 2009 when three friends wanted to create an online and offline community for girls to come together and make friends, share fabulous HK discoveries and be in-the-know about the latest happenings around town. It all started with small happy hour gatherings (thanks to those 3 girls came to our first Sassy Hour!) and a simple blog page where we documented all the great finds we discovered while navigating life in the city.

Thanks to the support from the amazing girls of Hong Kong, word started to spread about our little community and soon our happy hours were filled to the brim and we upgraded our blog page to the fully fledged website you see today!

Our team has grown lots over the past few years but we always remember exactly why we started Sassy. It is all about making sure girls in Hong Kong have a resource to help us navigate life in this fun-filled (yet sometimes crazy!) city while providing lots of opportunities for us to have some good old fashioned girl time too – cupcakes, manis and bubbly all round!

Who is a typical Sassy girl?
There is no typical Sassy girl – we all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but what we share is a sense of humour, a love of Hong Kong and the desire to make the most of our life in the 852! And yes… boys are always welcome both on our website and at our events too!

What sets Sassy apart from the other sites around town?
We love discovering the latest and greatest hotspots, hidden gems and cool places around town – restaurants, bars, shops, spas, gyms and much more – and every business reviewed on our site is one that a member of our team has checked out personally and believes is deserving of the Sassy stamp of approval (no regurgitated press releases here, folks)!

Don’t get us wrong… all our reviews are honest and we love a bit of constructive criticism, but we would never feature a business or product that we found to have no redeeming features whatsoever. There is SO much awesome stuff going on in Hong Kong, we’d rather concentrate on the good than the bad and showcase places we love!

Do I need to be a member?
No membership cards and secret handshakes here, girls! You “join” Sassy Hong Kong by signing up for our mailing list here; we’ll then send you regular but not-too-frequent updates on upcoming Sassy Events and other HK news. We’ll also send you Sassy Scoop emails, which are paid for by our advertising partners. These help us keep Sassy Hong Kong free and our events low-cost. Sassy Scoops are always about something we genuinely think you’ll be interested in, not random spammy stuff.

How does Sassy make money?
“Sassy Scoops”, “Featured Listings” and “You’re Invited” are all paid for features. We also have banner advertising on our website and newsletters. However, we only work with a few handpicked companies that we love, and think you will too! We do (and have!) turned down paid offers that we didn’t feel were a good fit for Sassy – and we’re proud to be picky!

All other features on the site are unpaid, and are written by our fabulous editorial and blogger team who tirelessly pound pavements all over town to find new and interesting features for our readers.

We do receive invitations to review certain businesses, along with products provided for our consideration, but these are always reviewed honestly!

What are affiliate links and do you use them?
Some of our articles use affiliate links to other websites, which give us a small percentage commission if you happen to click through and make a purchase. We only receive commission if you purchase the product through the link and it does not add ANY extra costs to you as the customer – the commission comes straight out of the retailer’s pocket! If you return a product, our commission is returned as well. We only feature affiliate links for a few select companies that we love and regularly shop from ourselves!

Will you sell my details if I subscribe to your mailing list?
Never ever ever. Pinky swear. No matter how cool they are… that’s just tacky (and against the law!).

At the bottom of some of our giveaway or RSVP forms, you may notice a checkbox for you to sign up to our sponsors’ mailing lists – you can opt in or out depending on whether you want to receive their news and updates. It’s as simple as that and totally up to you!

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