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Lauren Yee, Editor 


Born and raised right here in Hong Kong. That being said, with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed mum from England and a Chinese-Australian father, I would definitely say that I grew up as a third culture kid! I love every part of this city and all its many contrasts; from the green of the country parks (and the scary monkeys…) to the shimmery lights of the skyline – it never gets old. I’ve always loved to travel and living here is such a privilege as we’re so close to so many incredible countries and different cultures. I’ve always got a bad case of wanderlust and I’m constantly on the look out for an adventure… here’s to my new adventure at Sassy!

Favourite things about Hong Kong:
Impossible to choose only a few things, but I’ve done my best! I love the energy of the city and how there is always something to do. Public transport is a dream – I love taking the tram and hearing the little ‘ding ding’, sailing across the harbour on the $2 Star Ferry and ‘dooting’ my Octopus on the super efficient MTR. I love going hiking in the hills five minutes from my flat, always being close to the sea, summer junk trips with friends, dim sum Sundays with the family and a couple of cocktails never go amiss (or a couple of free ‘champagnes’ on the Carnegies bar).

Maura Thompson
Co-founder & Managing Director

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I lived in New York City for three years before moving to Hong Kong in May 2008. This is my first experience living abroad and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made (sometimes I wonder if I will ever move back, but please don’t ever tell my mom that!). I am a total city girl and pride myself on being able to navigate the hills of Hong Kong in 5-inch heels. I am quite certain though that I will face plant one day on Pottinger Street and I just hope no one will be around to witness it. I love all things fitness related and I am at my happiest when doing Tree pose on my yoga mat.

Favourite things about Hong Kong:
Foot Massages, being able to easily do a hike, beach trips and city drinks all in one day and the contrast of modern buildings mixed in between old school Chinese streets.


Jaime Rose, Director of Strategy

My name is Jaime Rose (well officially Scudamore but as a staunch feminist I work using my maiden name!) and as soon as I moved to Hong Kong three years ago I dived straight into the world of Sassy. It was definitely the best initiation a girl could have had into this hectic city and I now class myself as a bit of a Hong Kong geek knowing all the secret spots for food, sightseeing and shopping. I lurk more behind the scenes now on a day to day basis but you’ll find me travelling the world putting together Sassy’s ultimate city guides, hotel reviews and travel round ups as I try and satisfy my insatiable sense of wanderlust.

Favourite things about Hong Kong:
The juxtapositions between old and new, the range of incredible friends I have made, the “live-life-to-the-full” mindset and of course, the countless travel options just on our doorstep.


Dervla Louli, Managing Editor

I grew up in Saudi Arabia to an Egyptian dad and Irish mum before moving to Ireland for boarding school and college. Despite studying business, law and finance, it was publishing that eventually stole my heart. I lasted three months in a venture capital firm before running away from spread sheets and data analysis! Once I started writing I simply couldn’t stop and creating content calendars is my idea of fun… weird I know. I started off in luxury print publishing as an Editor and Fashion Director when I first landed in Hong Kong in 2012. Eager to learn more about digital media I joined the team at Sassy Media Group late 2013 and haven’t looked back since. I love fitness, fashion, my dog Clive and taking quick trips to see my friends and family. I’m also a bit of a health nut so you’ll usually catch me munching on kale and dragging the girls in the office to CrossFit classes.

Things I love about Hong Kong:
My friends, the work hard, play hard mentality and the entrepreneurial spirit I find in everyone I meet. Everything is so close and the airport is a breeze to fly out of. Nothing beats doing a hike, hitting the beach and heading out for dinner with friends in 24-hours. The mix of high-end highlights and low-end hidden gems makes this city one of the best in the world.

Simran, Partnerships Director


I’ve called Hong Kong home for the past 12 years and I seriously believe that no other country can compete for the title. I love Hong Kong because not only does it embrace everyone that moves here, but also because it truly is the world’s best city! Where else can you easily hail a cab at 3am, whilst balancing a box of Tsui Wah egg fried rice in hand after the most epic night out… and then jump on a junk the next morning and sail along the coast of Sai Kung?! I owe it to Hong Kong for making me believe that nothing really is impossible.
Being a huge foodie, I travel through this city from one menu to the other and although I have my favourite (KFC at Yardbird – nom, nom, nom), with the number of new places popping up every weekend, it’s rare that my meals are repeated!


Shaneli, Editorial Assistant


Hi! I’m Shaneli. I was born and brought up in hot and humid Hong Kong, which I’m forever using as an excuse to travel to cooler and drier climes! I love tea, scones, lemon meringue pie and all things royal. I spend a lot of time gawking at and buying shoes that I sometimes can’t afford, and getting my nails done (my first review for Sassy was for a nail salon!). I enjoy wine – Pinot Noir for me, please, or a chilled glass of Riesling if the weather is hot. One day, I will be writing my novel in a cottage by a lake, a la Colin Firth in Love Actually.

Favourite things about Hong Kong: 
The skyline, the Star Ferry, Stanley Promenade, the abundance of coffee shops (I’m racking up a nearly daily habit…), the efficiency of the MTR, cheap hairdressers, cheap nail salons, Mong Kok Ladies Market and the Flower Market, Festival Walk (the mall I grew up frequenting) and Tsim Sha Tsui.


P.S. Lauren, Maura, Jaime, Dervla and Simran’s headshots were taken by the supremely talented Sabrina Sikora Photography! Shaneli’s headshot was taken by the equally talented Aydee Tie

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