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Get Swinging at Pure!

We’re always looking for fresh ways to get our exercise, and Pure have been getting so innovative lately with their range of fab dance classes for those of us who like to shake things up… Literally! The latest new class is inspired by the flapper girls of the 1920s with a little bit of 1950s thrown in for good measure with “Swing Jive”… Learn the Lindy Hop, Boogie-Woogie and Jitterbug, and you can even dress up to look the part (there will be a spot prize for best dressed)! Dig out your tassles, slick your hair into a groomed bob and get moving. Best of all, you finish up on a Saturday at 4pm, so after grabbing a quick shower you can head out for drinks with the girls to show off your newly acquired skills!

When: Saturday 30th July, 2pm-4pm
Where: Pure Fitness, ifc mall
Cost: HK120 (Pure Cardholder), HK200 (Non-Pure Cardholder)
RSVP: Call 8129 8000 for details or to register

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